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Stay Connected, Securely: Board Portal Software Delivers It All

Organizations in every industry look for advantages against rivals or for new ways to improve themselves, but data security must be absolutely assured at all times. Unless a platform is totally safe, it doesn’t really matter if software can deliver cutting-edge features.

Health organizations are among those with the highest need for information security. Many health organizations have started to use board portal software as a tool to help keep even remote directors connected and informed because it meets the strictest security standards possible.

Let’s look at exactly what these standards are and at all the ways this software keeps your data safe.


Information about people’s personal health is very sensitive, so organizations in this sector have an ethical and legal burden to protect privacy. In the course of operations, directors at health organizations may have access to people’s medical claims, or discuss employee health benefits.

In the United States, regulations to protect people’s personal health records fall under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA. In Canada, the most comparable legislation is the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, or PIPEDA.

Every health organization in the US needs to understand what HIPAA compliance is and why it matters because compliance is mandatory. The best board portal software transcends only technical compliance      and focuses on three core areas: privacy (the protection of identifiable health information), security (the protection of electronic health information’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability), and the breach notification rule (a provision of notification should there be some kind of breach of protected health information).

In Canada, PIPEDA governs how private sector organizations collect, use, and disclose personal information in the course of commercial business — Board portal software needs to ensure compliance at every step.

Various Security Measures in Place

The best board portal software has a number of ways to ensure that there can be no unsanctioned access inside the board portal app, and that your data will not be compromised even if your device goes missing.

Board portal software has advanced layers of encryption to prevent hacks. Moreover, it’s easy to give permissions and control access. Every log-in is authenticated, so it’s easy to know that everyone who logged into the app was in fact meant to have access.

You can store and protect your data on international servers which adhere to independent, third-party requirements for security certifications. If a company-issued device goes missing, the board portal data on it can be wiped remotely. On the flip side, if a director is without their device and they need to access the app, they can simply log in through any other device.

Board portal software is an amazing way to keep directors informed and connected before, during, and after board meetings — and it’s an easy and paperless way to read, annotate, and share board material. But the real key is that health organizations — and any other institutions such as credit unions and Crown agencies that are using a board portal — are confident that all the data that passes through the app is fundamentally secure.