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Short Videos App ‘Rizzle’ Launches Programme to Support Indian Creators with Sponsorship Coupons for Creators

For millions of Indian TikTok creators, the reality has changed with the video platform being banned from India. There are a whole slew of Indian video platforms that are scrambling to rise up to the challenge of being the home of short videos in India, but one platform is standing out with its quality and creator initiatives.


Rizzle Team


Rizzle is a short videos app for opinions, talk shows, skits, vlogs, and other talk related content. Since its launch in June 2019, Rizzle has built a world class video app with its quality rivaling some of the best apps in the industry. The features on Rizzle make it easy to create professional level talk show content – with B-Roll videos, image inserts, sound effects, and collabs, this presents a fresh style of content in the world of short videos, away from the cringe of song and dance monotony.


Rizzle has been inspiring lots of creators to host their own vlogs, talk shows, mini series, cooking shows, review channels, and so on. It is also the only platform worldwide to have sponsorships based monetization for creators. Creators actively making content can receive sponsorships from fans easily on the platform.


Now, Rizzle wants to do something for the Indian TikTok creator community to help creators bootstrap their presence and shine quickly. With the Million Stars Rizzle Program, Rizzle is committed to helping a million creators in India become superstars over the next 6-12 months.


All creators from India are welcome to apply. Applying is easy either fill the form, send an email [email protected] or Download the app


Selected creators will receive assistance from expert creator advisors to get their channels started. They will be part of a special group of creators who receive channel theme advice, channel reviews and feedback, regular webinars about app features and Q&A, opportunities to host shows, and have their channels featured on the platform.


For the first 1000 qualified creators, Rizzle is offering monetary assistance through sponsorship coupons which their fans can use to sponsor their channel on Rizzle. This will directly enable them to bootstrap monetization on their Rizzle channels.


The number of coupons offered and the qualification varies depending on the number of TikTok followers the creator has had prior to the shutdown of the platform in India. Creators with 50K+ followers on TikTok are eligible to receive these coupons.


However, all creators are welcome to apply to the program and receive all the other benefits. If you are a creator, stop reading and be among the first to apply – Either fill the form, send an email [email protected] or Download the app today!

Source: NewsVoir