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How To Recover The Lost or Deleted Partition?

Have you ever thought about accidentally your partition is deleted? Instead of files, which are saved in the partition, the partition is deleted permanently from your system. So, in that case, what you will do? You will look for some partition recovery software which will quickly retrieve the partition in your system back. So, here is the EaseUS Partition Recovery Wizard, it is professional software which will help you to retrieve the partition easily in your system back.

EaseUS Partition Recovery Wizard is free and easy to use partition recovery software which will help you to recover the lost or deleted partitions, where you can recover the lost or deleted partitions easily and quickly. Also, it offers several optional scan areas to locate the lost partition.

This software is the reliable and free data recovery software which enables you to recover the lost, damaged or deleted NTFS, HFS, FAT, HFS+, Ext2, HFSX, and Ext3 partition under Windows. This software is free to use, and you can restore the lost partitions easily from this partition recovery software.

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How to recover deleted files and folders from Hard Drive?

If you have lost the valuable data from the PC hard drive, USB drive or the memory stick then it can be a bad situation for you to be in. When the data is lost, then the first thing you should do is to stop using the device. As the system just hides the data by removing its file directory to free the space for the user. So, at this moment, you can quickly retrieve the data by rebuilding the file directory. But, if you continuously use the device, then some new data might be overwritten, or the content might be completely erased.

You can recover the deleted files from Recycle Bin, where you can reach out the Recycle Bin and right-click on the files to recover the files in its original location. Or, you can retrieve the files using the older versions, where you can navigate and search the disk location and then right-click in the disk location and click on Restore Previous versions. Then, you can click on Restore to recover deleted files.

Other and the reliable way of recovering the deleted files are to use the data recovery software. EaseUS Data Recovery software is the great data recovery software to retrieve the lost or deleted files from the hard drive.

  • You need to download and install the EaseUS Data Recovery Software.
  • Then, select the hard drive location and then click on “Scan.”
  • The program will quickly scan all the folders and then will give you the result with the possible files which can be recovered, and soon after the deep scan will be launched to retrieve the further details.
  • Now, you can preview the files and then click on “Recover” button to retrieve the files back in your hard drive. It is recommended to save the file in some other location than in the hard drive to avoid overlapping of the files.