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New Hope Fertility Centre Provides 2x Faster Customer Support with Hiver

New Hope Fertility Centre (NHFC), a global leader in human reproductive medicine in the US, implemented Hiver, a customer service solution for teams, to improve patient interaction and internal collaboration between teams. With Hiver, NHFC now provides 2x faster service over email and saves over 600 hours a month.


At NHFC, email serves as an important communication channel between the various teams and the patients. The nursing lab and billing departments interact with patients primarily via email – be it for providing medical instructions, giving the lab results, sending invoices, or answering billing-related queries.


Before deploying Hiver, there were frequent email misses at NHFC and it was becoming difficult to monitor the workflow for different teams. Keeping track of emails was extremely time-consuming and internal coordination within the team was lacking. This also impacted the quality of patient care with emails going unattended in many cases and sometimes multiple team members were answering the same email inquiry.


With Hiver, all departments across the center have been able to collaborate more efficiently and provide better service to their patients. All team members now have a holistic view of all the patient emails and also have visibility into the status of every email. They can easily see whether an email has been resolved or is being worked on and can ensure no duplicate responses are sent out to patients. This does not require any manual work and can be accessed easily within Gmail.


NHFC now saves 634 man hours a month by using the different Hiver features – Email Collision Alerts, Email Tags, Email Notes, among others. As a result, their efficiency has shot up and they now resolve more patient emails on a daily basis.


Further, Hiver has also made it possible for the remote staff (owing to the pandemic) to collaborate better and assist their colleagues with resolving patient queries in a timely manner.


Jennifer Nguyen, Operations Associate, New Hope Fertility Center said, “Since we started using Hiver, I’ve seen a huge uptick in the efficiency levels of our staff. Since our staff realised that their performance is tracked and quantified, they’ve started working a lot harder. In fact, we’ve also seen a significant drop in the number of complaints from patients. With high visibility into emails and improved collaboration among departments, patients get support right on time.”


Niraj Ranjan Rout, Co-founder and CEO of Hiver said, “The healthcare industry, world over, is facing paramount pressure in these times to deliver prompt patient care. The growing pressure is prompting healthcare providers to adopt effective solutions to improve their services. We are extremely glad that NHFC has efficiently deployed Hiver in providing the best-in-class services to its patients. We will continue to provide our complete support to NHFC at a time when healthcare organizations are facing unparalleled pressure.”


About Hiver

Hiver is a customer service solution that helps teams collaborate on shared inboxes like support@, info@, right from Gmail. Co-founded by Niraj Ranjan and Nitesh Nandy, Hiver is based out of Bengaluru and San Jose. Hiver has over 1,500 customers across 30 countries, including Lonely Planet, Hubspot, Canva, Harvard University, Vacasa and Flexport.

Source: NewsVoir