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Neuokosh Launches Koshex, a Wealth-tech Platform for Customer’s “Entire Financial Life”

Koshex helps its customers create and grow wealth by providing hyper-contextualized insights and transaction platform for Savings, Investments and Debt

Customers can use the platform to buy investment products ranging from gold to mutual funds

Koshex is focused on millennial customers aged 23-40

The platform is a product of Neuokosh, founded by Akash Agrawal and Komal Kumar Gupta


Koshex – a next generation wealth-platform for a customer’s “entire financial life” – with focus on individual goals and affordability irrespective of the amount of wealth. A product of Neuokosh – founded by Akash Agrawal and Komal Kumar Gupta – Koshex is designed to allow customers to create and grow wealth through hyper-personalised insights and seamless transactions. The platform lets customers track their net worth, buy mutual funds and digital gold, and invest in smart and fixed deposits. The primary goal of Koshex is to help millennial customers understand their cash flows, and make AI-assisted investment decisions that accelerate wealth creation.


Komal Kumar Gupta and Akash Agrawal


Komal Kumar Gupta, Co-founder and CTO says, “In personal finance, personalisation is a must, which happens only when you understand the customer’s entire persona and intentions. Koshex uses millions of data points to provide this level of personalisation and automate risk management, which has never been available to the retail investor before. Koshex democratises access to sophisticated investment technology using the latest advances in AI to break down the barriers to wealth and open the doors to a new category of investing.”


Koshex is now live with 3,000 customers in public beta and more than 30,000 users on the waitlist. The core team is composed of product specialists, and Koshex’s product roadmap places a heavy emphasis on customer feedback.


“Koshex is a personal finance and wealth-tech platform designed around individuals in an industry designed around financial products. We are fueling financial fitness for the AI-first world. The platform will ultimately evolve as the wealth-platform for our customers’ entire financial life – with a focus on individual goals and affordability irrespective of the amount of wealth. A majority of people handling their hard-earned finances smartly can prevent or mitigate the next cyclical downturn and economy crash,” says Co-founder and CEO Akash Agrawal.


By the end of 2023, Koshex aims to capture a significant portion of the ~100 million millennial investor segment, and help them automate personal finance safely and securely.


About Neuokosh

Neuokosh is a fintech company founded by Akash Agrawal and Komal Kumar Gupta, headquartered in Bangalore. Neuokosh seeks to reimagine the personal finance ecosystem with a focus on science, data, and technology for customers, fintechs, fin-product distributors, registered investment advisors (RIA’s), and financial institutions.

Source: NewsVoir