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Government’s Artificially Intelligent Career Guide for Blue-collared Workers Invites Recruiters

Initiative by TIFAC, an autonomous body under Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, in collaboration with government advisory firm Sapio Analytics, Saksham, short for Shramik Shakti Manch, has invited recruiters from all over India to get access to blue-collared workers with varying skills.


Employer Dashboard for Saksham


The statement from Saksham says that there is no fee for the recruiters to get such access. Rather, all companies registering with Saksham to get access to blue-collared workforce in different parts of India, are also offered low interest overdraft facilities and business automation software, along with various other incentives if they choose to get the same.


“We are currently in touch with various public sector units, and we invite all large employers as well as the MSMEs, to get associated with Saksham, and find the right set of blue-collared and unskilled workers in any location of their choice. Through almost half a million workers currently registered, and an objective of covering 10 million in the next few months, we can provide workforce that is deeply engaged with our artificially intelligent empathetic career guide,” says Hardik Somani, Director of Sapio Analytics, responsible for effective execution of this initiative.


Workers can say Hi on Whatsapp number +91 72086 35370 to register themselves to an empathetic bot, that takes them through the right process of skill evaluation and career guidance. It helps them get job of their choice and ability.


Saksham is building its deep and influential reach with the workers of India, through its Sahyog Committee, that includes members from different corners of India. Vishwadharam Jan Kalyan Seva Samiti from Chattisgarh, PASDO and ISRD from the North Eastern States, URF and Ulgulan for Social Change Foundation from Maharashtra, and various other bodies from northern and southern states of India, have come together to support Saksham.


“TIFAC is also planning for a state level launch of Saksham and has made a formal request to all the Chief Secretaries of the State and UTs, across the nation. Sapio Analytics, nominated as a nodal agency by TIFAC for this pan India movement, is also driving state-level outreach. We hope to ensure that none of the 300 million workforce is missed out of this movement, and that we form a deep relationship with each of these workers, building trust of lifetime with them,” adds Somani.


Presented as the largest such economic movement driven by the empowerment of the blue collared workers, Saksham is also helping revive companies that are in need of the workforce as well as any form of transformation for growth. Indian start-up ecosystem has seen an influx of venture capital investment in the blue-collar workforce industry, in form of start-ups such as Apna and Betterplace among others.

Source: NewsVoir