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From Luxury to Necessity: FleetPro’s Tracking Solutions Now Integral Part of Life

Safety is definitely not a luxury, but an absolute necessity. The outbreak of COVID-19 has validated this statement, as the world has discovered that staying safe is of paramount importance, and everything else can wait for the moment. And irrespective of how heavily it besieges us today, the pandemic will end one day. But the need to remain safe won’t.




Whether we are at, or outside home, or on the move, safety will remain the biggest issue for us. And while a few good habits can keep us protected from biological threats, taking help of personal & professional GPS tracking solutions will be essential for our overall safety moving forward. Built to cater to the different kinds of safety needs, Basecamp FleetPro offers exactly such solutions.


Leveraging the technologies such as GPS, and IoT, FleetPro offers a wide range of solutions – from personal safety, to providing security devices for cars and bikes, and even solutions for the fleet. Developed by Basecamp Startups Pvt. Ltd., a sister concern of BatchMaster Software Pvt. Ltd., FleetPro is an Android/iOS-based, GPS-enabled, and AIS 140-certified vehicle management system that tracks & manages fleet businesses of all sizes and types, and personal vehicles such as cars and bikes.


It works as a device-app combination, with the small-sized device installed in the object on the move allowing you to track it through the app on your smartphone. Elaborating on the product, Mr. Sanjay Panjwani, Managing Director, BatchMaster Software Pvt. Ltd., says, “Realizing the need of safety in different domains, and having firm belief that the tracking technology could be leveraged for the same, we developed advanced telematics system FleetPro to provide security to millions of vehicles, families and assets.”


FleetPro performs a number of functions like real-time tracking, SOS and safety alerts, anti-theft alerts, ignition cut-off, playback tracking, parking assistance & navigation, driver behavior, performance analysis, reports & analytics, geo-fencing, and so on. This affordable little device and app combo can make your ordinary vehicles perform smart, and keep them safe, allowing you to keep a check at each and every minute detail about your assets.


Taking us through its benefits particularly for the Fleet industry, Mr. Chirag Panjwani, Manager, Operations, BatchMaster Software Pvt. Ltd. says, “FleetPro facilitates prompt, recorded tracking of routes travelled, vehicle speeds, fuel consumption, idling times, driving behavior, and stops on maps with complete time reports, making it an invaluable fleet management solution for companies or individuals who own fleets of any size or type.”


This is not all, as mentioned above, FleetPro also acts as a personal tracking solution. The changing lifestyle has created a demographic shift, and there is a marked increase in nuclear families and working parents. This means that the kids and elderly spend a considerable time alone or away from them, which has given birth to the need for their tracking.


FleetPro understands this, and its tracking solutions cover this sphere of life as well. As Dr. Shailendra Sial, the Senior Digital Marketing Manager of the organization, puts it across, “FleetPro has come as a relief to the working parents who have safety concerns for their kids, elders and even pets. The small and easy-to-carry device, which accompanies them, delivers big benefits, as using it the parents can keep an eye on children, and ensure complete safety of elders & pets, even when they are away.”


Compatible with various platforms such as Android, iOS, and all the major web browsers, Basecamp FleetPro is the perfect purchase to meet your personal & vehicle safety needs.

Source: NewsVoir