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Eshopbox Revolutionizes the Modern E-commerce Ecosystem

Eshopbox, one of the leading providers of tech-enabled third-party logistics (3PL) in India is all set to redefine the new-age E-commerce ecosystem by helping merchants unlock their E-commerce potential. Knowing the importance of being present where the consumer is, most merchants tend to take a multichannel approach to sell their merchandise; this means that their products would be listed on different marketplaces along with their brand website simultaneously. This poses various challenges for businesses, such as making their products available on multiple platforms, fulfilling orders accurately and fast, reconciling various payments and fees.


Eshopbox helps brands automate their E-commerce operations


Owing to the plethora of market place players, it can be daunting to implement a multichannel approach and without the right technology and fulfilment infrastructure, businesses struggle to deliver a delightful shopping experience for the customers.


Understanding this gap, Eshopbox has devised a platform that provides end-to-end E-commerce solutions for businesses through its technology platform and distributed network of fulfilment centers. Businesses of all sizes, from start-ups like Oziva, Meraki and Plum to enterprises like Clarks, Blackberrys, Raymonds and more, leverage Eshopbox to streamline their E-commerce operations.


Shedding more light on the platform, Rishab Khanna, Product Manager at Eshopbox, said, “Creating a fulfilment infrastructure requires an exorbitant amount of capital investment along with dedicated human resources for management and operations. This isn’t feasible for most businesses and we want to make sure it doesn’t become a barrier for businesses looking to venture into E-commerce.”


Eshopbox offers three primary services that help brands streamline their E-commerce operations:


Sell products

Integrating sales channels is imperative for brands in order to allow brands to sync inventory automatically across various channels, fetch orders and notify customers with periodic order updates. However, these integrations are time-consuming; require dedicated developer effort and ongoing management.


With more than 40 pre-built integrations with leading marketplaces and shopping cart, Eshopbox has more than 18 million products currently listed on the Eshopbox platform. Retailers can import the entire product catalog and send their inventory to Eshopbox fulfilment centres. This enables brands to centralise their inventory and use the same across multiple marketplaces. Brands will also have access to seller privileges like Amazon Prime and Flipkart assured, ensuring product visibility even in the most competitive marketplaces.


Fulfil orders

In modern-day E-commerce, it is mandatory for businesses to ensure fast and accurate order delivery for their customers. To achieve this, brands need to store products closer to their customers and have powerful order processing workflows in-place. Order volumes fluctuate daily; hence it is important to handle variability in order volumes effectively, especially when it peaks exponentially during flash sales and promotional events. This requires considerable human resource and capacity planning.


Eshopbox has fulfilment centres spread across India; enabling brands distribute their inventory along with driving down shipping costs and delivery time. Additionally, Eshopbox has an on-time order processing rate of 99.63%.


Reconcile payments

With complex fee structures of marketplaces, businesses need to allocate considerable resources to reconcile and verify expenses against invoice. It is seemingly impossible for brands to keep track of their payments manually, especially when retailing on multiple channels. Traditional E-commerce accounting systems are inefficient and incapable of handling multichannel reconciliation.


Eshopbox helps businesses digitize E-commerce payments and marketplace expenses from a single point-of-control. This enables businesses to be aware of the influx and outflux at all times. Over the last year, Eshopbox has reconciled transactions amounting to more than INR 1.1 billion.


Eshopbox is redefining and revolutionizing E-commerce technology and logistics management, in order to become a one-stop-shop for all e-commerce management and scalability for merchant partners.


About Eshopbox

Eshopbox is a technology and logistics company that helps brand retailers drive their E-commerce operations. Retailers distribute their inventory to Eshopbox fulfilment centres and make their merchandise available on multiple points-of-sale like brand websites and marketplaces. When a purchase is made, Eshopbox picks, packs and ships the order to the customer using its ‘intelligent order routing’ algorithm. The system is designed to enable speedy delivery for a reduced shipping cost while maintaining industrial safety standards.

Source: NewsVoir