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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

In the age of information technology, digital data storage is an essential part of our lives. From our vacation pictures to that all important job related report, everything is stored in the memory of our computers. While digital storage has many advantages over physical storage, one could argue that it is more likely to face loss of information under random circumstances. Situations such as a power surge or virus attack can lead to our data becoming inaccessible for us. This gave birth to the idea of creating data recovery software. Many great options are available in the market that can help you triumph over information loss and today we will look at one such great option known as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

The greatest feature of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is unsurprisingly, given its name, is its ease of use. By simply running a scan on your selected path you can recover your lost data from that selected path. This is very important because if the process is too complicated, we end up approaching technicians who charge a lot of money to recover our data. Since this a free data recovery software, you don’t need to worry about that (though there is a paid version which provides added functionality). Additionally, its system requirements are quite low (it requires only 32 MB of space and 128 MB of RAM to run) so it can run and load up on any modern computer with ease.

Another great feature about this software is the fact that it can recover data loss caused from different reasons and from various type of data storage devices in different formats. This versatility is great to have because not only can it serve as a hard drive recovery tool but it can recover data from your USBs, memory cards and much more. It covers all the standard file formats of videos, audio and documents so that you do not miss out on any file format. Some of the reasons of data loss that it is able to cater includes permanently deleting a file, virus attacks, data loss due to formatting , partition loss to name a few. With such vast coverage in all aspects, you can rest easy knowing that you have a software that is capable of recovering your data in a vast array of scenarios.

In light of the discussion, it is fair to say that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a great option to have in your computer. With new threats rising everyday due to our increasing dependency on the internet, you need such a software to protect you just in case disaster strikes and you lose your data. All you need to do is scan and review the list of recovered files. If the files are lost due a serious concern then you can also use the deep scan option which takes longer but can recover more files. All in all, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a highly recommended software that should be a part of your software collection.