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COVID-19 Crisis Shaping the Learning and Growth Ecosystem for Enterprises

As we enter the fourth month of the global Pandemic, Offices and Businesses races to reopen, the global pandemic still poses problems in the Corporate world globally. The Outbreak of COVID-19 has created wide gaps as unemployment rate is astonishingly high as the sustainability rate for every business segment falling every passing day. The Indian government has taken steps to flatten the curve of Infection in India by imposing a nationwide lockdown in India. The catastrophe around the world has paralyzed the global economy and made businesses re-evaluate their strategies. The whole world has reacted differently to a pandemic, employees are indulged in Work from home while others remain connected digitally. This is why adoption of digital solutions has rapidly emerged during this pandemic in learning & routine work management.


Amit Singh, Founder and CEO of Coursmy


According to Founder and CEO of Coursmy, Amit Singh, they are in a phase of the futuristic workplace, where employees & fresh graduates want to know how they are doing and whether it matters to their organization and how it can help to improve their learning & growth as well which can help organizations to achieve sustainable growth. We aim to build a dynamic learning ecosystem for Enterprise, where knowledge sharing, learning, upskilling & team activities can be done through human-machine collaboration.


This Pandemic is becoming a catalyst for business transformation, so companies are investing money in workforce development with digital solutions. Schools & colleges are now starting to take more and more online learning classes in a virtual classroom environment and companies started investing in employee growth with learning in the flow of work, with lots of new innovative tools coming every day.


A new lot of young generations in start-ups emerges with new L&D and Job technologies, as they have been able to find an innovative scalable solution to address work & learning related challenges. The major advantage of L&D & Job Tech is designing e-learning experiences that can extend to limit where we can build superlative learning experience for learners that mirror their work environments, that are realistic and practical for use in their jobs, the stronger recall for those who aspiring to become part of corporate world through new skill or upskilling. In this category, Coursmy offers a complete Integrated SaaS solution for learning & development, upskilling, team collaboration and smart hiring.

They also delivered Software for Employee learning behaviour which predicts an overall skill-index every time a user learns a new skill or upgrade (proactively as well as impassively) with a learnability index during the course of their learning journey. For Enterprise, platforms can assess the staff for skills based roles, to get the skill-gap in staff and then suggest upskilling which can help them to improve work efficiency. This solution also can help organizations to find indicators on staff ready for promotion/new job roles. The neural network model uses various ML models to generate a learner’s skill index value that will be indicative of the overall skill level of the user. It also helps to improve engagement index & productivity index for any staff or a team.


The key focuses on particular areas like up-skilling, rewards and promotions, drive engagement, improving work productivity and new hiring. Along with this they are an emerging enterprise that enables a learning experience that is difficult or expensive to recreate like Augmented Reality and VR transport learning. They have also launched an encrypted video meeting App “Unconference” which is easy to use and very effective in organizing any meeting.


There are many exciting and transforming tools in L&D today that have changed the dynamic of learning to e-learning. Today every big or small enterprise is adapting AI, the main motive of the chatbot is to create a human conversation between a user and enterprise and in the post era of COVID-19, as far as I can see there is a great future and success in L&D technology.

Source: NewsVoir