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Cool Toys for the Tech Savvy Musician

If you’ve got a loved one in your life that’s equal parts musician and tech-lover, the world is currently his oyster. Music and technology are ubiquitous these days, and luckily for your friend they’re often melded together in perfect harmony. For once, gift buying can actually be a fun and relatively easy task, especially with our recommendations. Read on for cool gadgets your tech savvy musician friend will love.

Wireless Headphones

Gone are the days when music addicts had to fight with cords for all of their tech items, as wireless is now the way to go. Headphones are no exception, and there is no better feeling in the world than listening to music without the hassle of being tethered to something. When they first hit the market, however, anyone with knowledge in this arena would have likely advised you to stay away, as the Bluetooth connectivity wasn’t nailed down quite yet. But as this article notes, “Thankfully, we’ve left those days behind us and are now living in the golden age of wireless. Thanks to advancements in Bluetooth, the latest batch of wireless headphones not only stay connected in every situation, but they sound just as good as they’re wired counterparts to boot.” They do cost a bit more than regular headphones, but your music-loving friend will surely think this is well worth it.

Muze True Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker

Your friend likely doesn’t want to go anywhere without music. With these bombastic Bluetooth speakers, he won’t have to. And while other speakers sacrifice the quality of sound when they become portable, these provide an unparalleled listening experience. As this article says of the Muze portable speakers, “The clean crystal clear sound quality is complete with a deep bass, clear treble, and rich middle range. In addition, the sound quality doesn’t deteriorate when you crank up the volume.” This last feature is crucial, as any music lover worth his salt will be listening to his favorite tunes on high. And with a sleek design to boot, this is the ultimate music lover’s accessory.

Music Visualizer

If your music-loving friend enjoys being the life of the party, getting him a music visualizer online should be your top priority. The one by Magic allows him to create his own 3D visuals from scratch that dance and spin in time with the music. If he wants to send them to people who didn’t make the spectacular soiree, he can download his performances and transfer his music to sites like Vimeo and YouTube.

These Aren’t Your Grandma’s Pianos

The piano is often the first instrument many musicians learn music on, so it has a fondness in their hearts. However, if you want to turn the typical piano notion on its head for your pal, show him Korg’s microPiano. With 61 weighted mini keys, a lid that lifts up, and black, red, or white color options, this wee piano will be going with your friend everywhere he goes.

And you’ve surely heard of air guitar, but what about air piano? The futuristic looking glass and wood Airpiano has eight proximity sensors, so you simply wave your hands above it and the magic (and music) happens. You don’t just do it willy nilly, however. As this article notes, “If you’re just flailing about, the Airpiano will sound terrible but 40 LEDs provide virtual keys for guidance and when you hook it up to your PC or Mac you can assign keys and faders and save presets.”

Both of these pianos will ensure your bud will land the head deejay at all of his upcoming events.

A Non-Mouth Beatbox

Your musician mate surely loves to beatbox, but he can only do so much with his mouth. Blow his music-loving mind by bolstering his talents with a Stylophone Beatbox. A handheld synthesizer/drum machine, this unique instrument has Percussion, Bass, and Beatbox modes. Your buddy can mix sounds, record them, and even play them over beats for layering. The MP3 input allows him to store his crafty creations for playback at his leisure.

Need a gift for your tech savvy musician sidekick? You don’t need to refer to the technology websites. Get anything off this list and secure your spot as number one friend.