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5 Reasons Why Every SEO Manager Must Need a VPN

There are thousands of SEO experts around the globe. Each one of them has a certain level of skill. This is because it is really very hard to find a complete list of all the parameters through which Google assesses the best website to rank since they never reveal the algorithm they use for ranking factor. But, it does not mean all the other SEO experts have no knowledge of how to rank on Google and Bing. However, as an SEO expert, I would like to share my experience of using VPNs and its necessity.

SEO managers use several tools while working on a project – from Moz and Ahref to WebsiteSEOchecker and Out of the box, many SEO trainees and beginners never realize the importance of VPN (Virtual Private Network). Often, they ignore turning on VPN, even if they already have installed it. I always emphasize on setting up a VPN before visiting the website. The most important reason above all is to get connected to an IP of the country from where you want the traffic coming to your site.

What are VPNs used for?

VPN is a product that offers you a service to get an offsite secure server IP. To keep the data safe, the connection is entirely encrypted. Ultimately, you will get a mask IP address. This practice would give you an experience of operating the system from some other area of the world. This service is made for the businesses, but gradually it has been used by several other internet users when free VPNs became easily available, including SEO managers, travellers, etc.

In this one we will take a look at the 5 reasons which makes it compulsory for every SEO manager to use a VPN:

1. Search Engines get to know where the traffic comes

As discussed above, a VPN offers you an experience of working on the foreign server with different IP. Search engines assess the traffic and spamming of the website using algorithms. Therefore, if you want traffic from a different location, it is recommended to use the IP of the same region; VPN helps for this. This strategy enables the search engines to determine the country where this website is designed for.

2. VPN provides protection

Mostly, marketers and SEO specialists deal with some data and sensitive accounts. The accounts and data should not be lost in any case since sales and marketing depend on these accounts and data. VPN protects your visibility, data, and accounts on certain websites. Also, you can lose all your work if someone hacks your computer; you really need protection.

3. Access and assess results from an overseas perspective

Google and other search engines are smart enough to show relevant results. Similarly, search engines show results against each keyword depending on where the user is located. For instance, if you type in the keyword “best doctor”, Google will show you the names and clinics of the doctors of your region. But, if you want to see the results of the same keyword but another region, you must search this keyword after you turn on your VPN.

In other cases when using automation or conducting web scraping, search engines will block your activities, in this case, you will need a proxy to unblock the restrictions.

4. Anonymity

When you are making inquiries on other websites, and you don’t want the admins to know your region, VPNs work best for covering up this reason. It is like you left no footprints for someone to follow you. Also, if a specific region is blocked by the website owner, VPN can unblock the proxy.

5. Keep your original IP safe

Digital marketers and SEO experts often need to send millions of emails and search for the same keywords several times. Search engines can ban the IP if their algorithms find some suspicious or spammy activity. Using a VPN keeps your original IP safe from blacklisting.