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5 Best Video Editing Tools For Windows You Must Know In 2021

Content is King- this is rightly said by marketers. And if you have not heard yet- Video remains the crown in this spectrum! Videos have become the most significant part of the marketing strategies of the majority of businesses. This means that the ones not using videos for business marketing are definitely missing out on something vital.

The best video editing tools for Windows are a must-buy for professional editors and also for YouTubers on the lookout for entering the big leagues. Not just businesses and social media users but even the ones who want their smartphone footage to look better when shared online should definitely have their hands on the best video editing software for Windows.

So, let us look at the video editing tools that will make your videos appear slick and give you an edge over your competitors if you are in serious business. Here, we will be having a look at the best video editing tools for Windows.

1. InVideo

InVideo is a cloud-based, free video editing tool that helps its users create and edit videos very easily. With a few simple clicks and you will be ready with a top-quality video without spending much time and money.

This video editing tool has a  simple drag and drop interface that works wonders for beginners, while the advanced features are a must for professional editors. The software also comes with unlimited video templates that can be used to make the video editing procedure easier.

One thing that makes InVideo a very powerful video editing software is its fully automated feature allowing users to create videos the way they want and that too in a matter of few seconds. The best feature of this software is its templates. There are hardly any video editing tools available in the market that come with the plethora of templates available with InVideo.

One thing also worth noting about this tool is that the templates can be edited easily by changing text, audio, color, videos, and animations. This cloud-based software has all its changes saved automatically, enabling users to download their video files once the editing is complete.

2. Corel VideoStudio Pro

This is the best standalone video editing software for Windows in 2021. It helps with timeline and storyboard video editing. It helps users in transforming images into movies while providing highly creative effects, title presets, 1500+ filters, transitions, and project templates.

The slideshow maker available with Corel VideoStudio Pro helps in creating slideshows and movies with a lot of template alternatives. The only thing that they need to do is add their media. And yes, there is also this option of combining videos, audio, and photos on several tracks.

This video editor also comes with the MultiCam Capture Lite feature that allows users to record their webcam and screen simultaneously for creating videos. Its sub-products such as PaintShop and Corel Painter help create customized animated overlays, live paintings, and static graphics.

There are other significant editing tools for cropping, splitting, and trimming videos directly on the timeline. Users can even change videos or rotate them the way they like. The color correction feature helps bring out colors in the videos while improving them with saturation and auto-tune adjustments.

3. Wondershare Filmora9

Wondershare Filmora9 is the perfect choice for adept or professional video editors and even for the ones who are just starting in this field. With this video editing tool, you get a very simple but intuitive interface.

There is a flood of special effects and features that you can use to make your videos more impressive and effective. Perhaps, the filters are highly effective on existing footage allowing users to blend effects and music by the use of the sound library that is absolutely free.

4. Olive

Almost every individual, starting from gamers to Instagram vloggers, can significantly benefit from the use of Olive. This is one software that cannot just be used efficiently for editing procedures but is also highly useful.

Though some features of this tool require major improvement, it is a worthy buy to a considerable extent. One of the best things about this editor is that it makes it very easy for the users to trim, piece together, and cut multiple video clips, photos, and audio tracks within the shortest time possible.

It comes with a pretty standard user interface, and users get a single preview window, timeline, media viewer window, and project area. The eye-grabbing feature of this video editing tool is its performance. Users can easily scrub through the timeline even with 4K footage on mod-range computers. And yes, there are fewer chances of the tool to crash in comparison to the other editors.

The fact that Olive is an open-source editor makes it highly feasible to run on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The editing procedure can be started immediately after installing the software. You simply need to drag the required files and drop them in the project section and then add the same to the timeline.

5. Blender

So, there are many who do not know that even Blender comes with an in-built video editor, and it is absolutely powerful. This intuitive and feature-packed video editing tool can be used for creating trailers for video games.

You do not need to learn a lot about using this software mainly because it is quite easy to use. Creating introductions and outro sections is a smooth job with Blender. This highly dedicated and useful video editor is good stuff, provided you know the right way of using it.


That’s the deal right away! You do not need to spend much on getting the best video editing tools for Windows in 2021. The online scene has got some of the most impressive and feature-packed tools that will get you and your undertaking to the greatest heights of success.

Yes, that is possible through the creation of some of the most attractive videos! Make the right choice instantly and ensure you have the most professionally edited video at hand.