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3 Useful Additional Features to Look for in Video Converter Software

If you’ve been looking into the video converter software that are available nowadays, you may have noticed that many do a lot more than just convert videos. Although that may not be what you want one for mainly, there are some features that can be really helpful and are worth keeping an eye out for.

To be more specific there are 3 useful additional features that you may want to try to look for.

Resize options

In some cases you may not just have to convert your video but resize it – to a different resolution or even an entirely different aspect ratio. It can be useful to have a number of different resize options that let you not just scale the video but crop, fit it into a frame, or both crop and stretch it to minimize the distortion.

On top of that you should definitely keep an eye out for the resampling options that are provided – which should ideally include a bicubic option to provide the best quality.

Bitrate compression tools

Another useful feature is being able to compress the video by adjusting the video bitrate setting. While many video converters have that option, you should look at the tools that are available.

One of the more useful tools is the option to apply the bitrate changes to a small sample from your video so that you can check its quality and look for compression artifacts. Another nice feature is being able to set the file size that you want and have the software automatically set the appropriate bitrate accordingly.


Audio and image cross-conversion

Aside from being able to convert video formats, it helps if your converter is able to convert audio and image formats as well. More to the point if you can convert videos to audio or image files, a whole range of options will open up.

The most notable reasons to want to cross-convert media files is to extract the audio tracks from videos or create animated GIFs. Both may come in handy at some point or other, and having the ability to convert audio and image files between multiple formats won’t hurt either.

Make no mistake there are lots of other tools that you may want to look for specifically, such as color correction, split and trim features, image stabilization, and more. The three listed above are going to be of more general use however, and are a good place to start.

It should be noted that while software video converters are known for their features, online converters have a lot to offer in terms of how versatile they can be. For example you could convert MOV to MP4 online using Online Video Converter on any device or platform without having to download software each time.

All said and done there are so many options to choose from that you should definitely be able to find one that fits your requirements. Knowing what features you may want to look for will help you to decide what you want in a video converter software.