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Piyush Arora, a Law Student turned Cricket Analyst becomes Multi-millionaire at 23

Fantasy cricket has developed a lot in recent times. Many famous cricketers are also stepping up in the field of fantasy sports. The most interesting aspect of it is, the analysis of the game, from reading the pitch to deciding probable 11. Fantasy cricket has empowered many budding analysts and fantasy experts. Piyush Arora is one of them and has made a big name through his Youtube channel CRIC11 FORECAST. His analysis about cricket has not just made him a millionaire at 23 but has also got him a wide social following and a huge fan base to which he refers to as his forecast family. With his excellent analysis of the game Piyush has helped many to win large amounts of money at no cost. He has been winning lots of mock cricket auctions in various universities as well and has organized the same later.


Piyush Arora – CRIC11 FORECAST


Piyush Arora, inspired by the world of cricket has made a remarkable success in Fantasy Cricket.

“Since the age of 5, I was emotionally connected with cricket. I used to get up at 3 AM to watch cricket during my school days,” claims Piyush, who made a big success in the field of fantasy cricket despite his family pressure to pursue a career in CA.


Piyush is a popular name among the fantasy community through his youtube channel CRIC11 FORECAST and has gained a lot of praise from his 2.7 Lakh subscribers in a short span of time. His wit, intelligence and attitude towards his forecast family is commendable. In many instances he has helped his subscribers to recover their loss and get money back from fraudsters who cheat people in the name of paid teams.


“A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work,” says Piyush, who has made extreme winnings from fantasy websites which have also honoured him many times as he ranks among top winners. “It is not easy to build and retain such a subscriber base, in the current competitive environment,” he added. 

On being asked about his quick success journey, Piyush says, “There is no substitute for continuous hard work. I have never compromised with content quality, but I have sacrificed my sleep and social life, for which I have no regrets. My first love is cricket and I want to involve myself with the game every second of my life.”

Further telling about his future goals, Piyush explained that he never stops acting on his skills. Recently he has completed a sports marketing course from Deakin University and with the knowledge gained, he started his website. From putting 1 video per day to 3 videos on YouTube channel he is keen to cross one million Youtube subscribers. His vision is to set the field of fantasy cricket and other sports free from fraudsters and make people aware about the truth. There are people cheating innocent students in the name of paid teams or other such scams, his aim is to educate people and guide them in the right path.


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Source: NewsVoir