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How to Reset Your Modem to Default Configuration?

In order to reset your modem to default settings, you can either utilize a reset option on a backside of your wire modem or a factory reset software button. Once you have altered a default password to access your cable modem and lost a password, you should simply use a reset button on a back panel. After resetting a cable modem to factory default setting, the ‘admin’ is a username and ‘password’ is a password. But, the internet protocol address of LAN is You cannot even alter this IP address of a LAN.

Methods to reset your cable modem to default settings by using a reset button

  • Initially, you switch on your cable modem
  • Next, you have to place in a the correct paper clip into a reset button, then push and hold for around 7 seconds, until the entire LEDs flicker
  • Then, you have to release a reset button. The configuration of your cable modem is reset to the default settings. Once a reset is finished, a cable modem reboots. Hence, this process can takes around just only one minute.
  • In order to prevent the hazard of corrupting a firmware, you do not disturb a reset. For instance, you do not close a browser, load a new page or click any links. Also, you do not switch off your modem router or cable modem.

Methods to reset your modem to factory default settings by using a factory reset software button

  • First of all, you can launch a web browser from the mobile device or PC, which is connected to your network
  • Next, type this URL
  • Now, type the username and password of your modem router or cable modem. Here, the ‘admin’ is a username and ‘password’ is a default password. Both the username and password are case sensitive. Then, the basic home page displays.
  • Choose advanced option, then the cable information pane displays.
  • Next, click on a factory reset button, then the confirmation message displays.
  • Finally, click on OK button. Then, the configuration is reset to the factory default settings. Once the reset is finished, your modem router or cable modem begins reboot. Hence, this process takes around for one minute.
  • In order to prevent a threat of corrupting a firmware, you do not disrupt a reset. For instance, you do not load fresh page, tap a link or close a browser. At the same time, you do not turn off your modem router or cable modem.

When to reset a modem?

Before you get to know how to reset your modem, it is very much essential to talk about when it is suitable to perform a factory reset. In case, if your modem is not working properly or if you modified some settings that you cannot even undo, you might determine that it is the time to reset your cable modem to its default settings. Before you begin to perform anything, it is always importance doing a straightforward reboot primarily. Previously if you have not attempted rebooting your modem, you just click on a given link to view the instructions for three dissimilar ways that you can reboot.

Simple steps to reset a router

To reset a router, here are simple steps to be followed:

  • Initially, you can maintain your router plugged in
  • Discover the reset button of your router. This would be on a back or a bottom of your router
  • Utilize a paperclip to hold down a reset button for about thirty seconds
  • Now, release a button
  • Then, you have to wait for a router to switch back on

If the router does not even have a reset button, you will have to reset it by simply utilizing its configuration online interface.

Ways to reset a modem

One of the most preferred ways to reset your modem is by just logging into a user setting interface. If this is not an option, you can simply perform it manually by using a reset button on a back side of your modem. After that, you just click to open the instructions for your below selected method:

  • Reset a modem via the preferred user settings
  • Reset a modem manually with the reset button

When you personalized your modem login data at any point, do a factory reset will cause network name and password to revert back to what they are while you obtained a modem. However, these are displayed on a modem sticker and you will want to utilize these original login credentials at first time, when you log into a network once again. When your router or modem is resetting, you do not disturb the process by simply clicking over a link, closing your browser or switching off a device.