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BenQ Announces the Next Generation Campus Broadcast System: “X-Sign Broadcast”

BenQ, the global No.1 DLP projector brand and a renowned provider of visual display solutions, today unveiled X-Sign Broadcast, the new Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) based Campus Broadcast System.

X-Sign Broadcast allows educators to push text, images, files, audio, and video to any dedicated BenQ IFP in your institution. Teachers can deliver lesson content, administrators can give announcements, and students can preview and review class materials in a single class or selected group of classes. X-Sign Broadcast is available via Over-the-Air (OTA) updates, and is a web-based system for educators to simply broadcast messages using any computer and mobile device.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr. Rajeev Singh, Managing Director, BenQ said “Understanding the need of constant technological innovations and changing dynamics of market demands has enabled BenQ to achieve an equilibrium. Leading by innovation, we are empowering users to adapt to newer technologies and creating a user-friendly, safe learning environment to meet the demands of modern day classrooms. With the growing need for digital integration and a focus on seamless learning, we are confident that the new X-Sign Broadcast, Interactive Flat Panel will help re-engineer education”.

Key Features of X-Sign Broadcast

X-Sign Broadcast: Making Your Campus Broadcasting Complete

Traditional public address systems can only broadcast voice. X-Sign Broadcast extends this to text, audio, video, and MS Office files, including those saved in Cloud Storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and its own Network Folder. The web-based X-Sign Broadcast allows users to schedule messages or content delivery using any computer, smartphone or tablet. The system is useful for schools with multiple buildings on campus or even multiple campuses, helping educators create a next-generation smart campus that is more productive, efficient, and competitive than those using legacy PA systems.

X-Sign Broadcast Supports Multiple Message Delivery Modes and File Formats

X-Sign Broadcast is very flexible in terms of its variety of message delivery modes, accommodating the diverse and changing needs of institutions.

In interrupt mode, messages are uploaded and delivered right away, appearing either as an audio/video announcement – useful for safety messages – or as a moving banner (chyron) superimposed on the main message. This is great for reminders and change notifications, such as cancelled classes, room reassignments, or deadlines. In Scheduled mode, content is pre-loaded to appear when users want it to, even if the screen has been switched off.

Featuring the Group Message Broadcasting, X-Sign Broadcast gives users great control of not only when the messages appear, but where they appear. Varying message content like tutorial videos or assignments can be set up and pushed to different BenQ IFPs, whether it be one, a selected group, or all sets in a campus or even a group of campuses. This is perfect for tailored school messages for different class years, or for individual teachers to send a variety of subject and level dependent learning materials to different classrooms. And X-Sign Broadcast’s live-streaming function is ideal for special events and speeches from the principal.

Two Broadcast Plans for Achieving the Smart Campus

X-Sign Broadcast has two subscription plans: Basic and Premium. X-Sign Broadcast Basic supports simple text, images, videos and YouTube videos. X-Sign Broadcast Premium supports these, plus Microsoft Office files, including those in Cloud Storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, school’s own Network Folder, and Live Streaming. This latter plan offers the school flexibility to share tutorial videos, assignments with a variety of file formats supported or live stream any school event or speech. With either plan, X-Sign Broadcast featured by BenQ Interactive Flat Panel provides schools with a powerful and flexible communication tool.

Currently, X-Sign Broadcast Basic is available for a free trial until October 30th, 2019. For X-Sign Broadcast Premium, additional file formats and service support will be available soon via Over-The-Air (OTA) updates.

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