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Colexion Ropes in Bollywood Stars, Musicians, Cricketers to be Part of its NFT Marketplace

​From top Bollywood actors’ memorabilia to digital art of cricket legends, entertainment collectibles, music, lifestyle and more; buying, selling and trading of the Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) is getting increasing popularity across the globe. In India, all eyes are now on Colexion as it promises to be unique from others. Besides an exclusive digital art collectible platform, Colexion will create personalized digital museum for the celebrities and build a multi-verse gaming platform where users will be able to play and earn.


Abhay Agarwal, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Colexion


The company promises to be the most safe and user-friendly licensed NFT marketplace. For multiple streaming of income, there will be a monthly subscription of the digital art museum and artistic short movies, 30 per cent of the sales of the celebrities will be streamed and all the purchases can be done with CLXN token. The target audience of the company is the 15 million plus 25-40 years old cryptocurrency users and 500K 20-25 years old using fan interaction platforms. In India, the target is 510 million 18-24 years old who spend an average of 8.5 hours every day in online gaming. 


Colexion, which is currently the world’s largest licensed NFT digital space, allows users to buy and auction off digital assets globally. “With more than 1 million NFTs sold, the NFT market cap is currently worth 40 Billion USD. We at Colexion will make sure to make NFTs accessible to everyone in the world. We will be curating some interesting categories of NFTs, and add-on features for engagement on the platform,” said Abhay Agarwal, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Colexion.


In January 2021, Aggarwal had founded Colexion to be a leader in licensed NFTs space. In July this year, the company had announced a pre-Series A funding of $8 million to support its rapid growth into new markets.


Colexion aims at having the biggest digital art collection in the world and creating a unique community of creators, collectors and celebrities. The company is creating unique digital collectibles, rarest artwork and special trump cards for all the celebrities that are attached to it which would be further used for trading and games. Colexion is the first company in the world creating personalized digital NFT museum of the celebrities. The museum can be used as an interactive platform too. “The museum which will get added to our virtual reality feature will give users the experience of a virtual museum of their favorite stars,” informed Agarwal.


“We are producing biography of the players and athletes to unfold their stories to fans in a unique format. Moreover, fans can also interact with their idols via the live webinars and events which we will be hosting on the Colexion platform,” informed Bibin Babu, the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company. Babu, a serial entrepreneur and a blockchain expert. The company has applied for patent and is looking forward to sponsors from companies manufacturing electronic appliances, luxury cars, fashion brands, beverages, etc.


Musicians and Bollywood actors, international cricket and other sports stars have already signed agreements with Colexion. Indian singers Mika Singh, Salim-Sulaiman and Sidhu Moosewala; Bollywood star Sunil Shetty, Actors Tanuj Virvani, Raai Laxmi, Aamir Ali; cricketers of international acclaim Varun Chakravarthy (India), Dwayne Bravo (West Indies), Brendon McCullum (New Zealand), David Malan (England), Kieron Pollard (West Indies), Imran Tahir (South Africa), Daniel Wyatt (England) and Glen Maxwell (Australia) are a few among the many celebrities who have already signed up with the Colexion to allow their fans to buy NFTs on this platform.


The company has also secured partnership with several iconic Superhit feature films and award shows and is in talks with various international sports federation for exclusive NFTs Secured partnership and has already signed an agreement with All Stars Football Club and Tiger Shroff lead MFN fight club.


Colexion’s partners include India’s premier entertainment company Cineyug, Crypto utility bill payment platform Payiza, Distinctive International Arab Festivals Awards (DIAFA), Investment and finance consultation company Sanctum, World’s first educational stable coin Edge Coin and the Dubai based Pajson Global Holding which deals with agriculture, petroleum and tech start-ups.


Colexion’s first-of-its-kind NFT gaming platform is under development. “Our goal is to become the largest digital collectible gallery in entertainment, lifestyle, sports and art. We have the best combination of Fan Engagement and art collection in place. We will bring more eyes on the national sport of India and start major leagues around it to promote and create awareness,” said Agarwal.


Elaborating further on their plans, he said, “Colexion will collaborate and form leagues of untapped sports like volleyball and football and host its own Award Shows too to honor the sports persons who often get little recognition for their sports.” “With time we will have international football players, football clubs, films production houses onboard. We also are eying to add Olympic as a whole tournament in our platform,” he added.


“Built with multiple layers of security using cutting Edge Ethereum based Blockchain, it is safe, secure and easy to use,” informed Babu.

Source: NewsVoir