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ATechnos Announces Strategic Partnership with US Based Megh Computing

ATechnos today announced a new strategic partnership with Megh Computing to provide market leading AI enabled video analytics solutions to its customers.

This partnership enables ATechnos to provide the most performant and scalable real-time video analytics solution to their customers supporting public safety, fraud prevention, inventory management, efficiency management, smart surveillance, and other use cases. The classic CCTV surveillance solutions need enhancements to provide real-time analytics and alerts to make work-places safe and secure. Advances in AI technology is enabling video analytics solutions to provide actionable insights from the data without replacing current setup/cameras. These trends are driving the need for a performant, scalable and flexible platform to meet the computing needs.

Megh Computing provides a real-time streaming analytics platform with a best-in-class deep learning engine accelerated on FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) to meet these market needs. ATechnos will be supporting this platform as part of its solution portfolio enabling digital transformation at enterprises by creating business value with this product.

“Security solutions has been of high interest to ATechnos and we are excited to partner with Megh Computing to bring the AI enabled most advanced and cost optimized real-time video analytics solution to enterprises and government in India. These advanced technologies will empower to take quick and meaningful actions to address violations, threats and make the society more secure,” says Apurv Modi , Managing Director, ATechnos.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with ATechnos to bring our Video Analytics Solution to customers in India,” says Prabhat K Gupta, CEO at Megh Computing. “This will enable businesses to operate safely and efficiently during the pandemic while improving productivity.”

About ATechnos
ATechnos (Abhay Techno Services) is a growing leader in digital transformation, mar-tech, consulting, content, IOT and value added platform services. ATechnos is a future focused, digitally charged activation services think tank.

About Megh Computing
Megh Computing is the leading provider of a platform for real-time analytics for deployment from the edge to the cloud using FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) based hardware accelerators for AI+ acceleration.

Source: NewsVoir