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Intel Showcases 12th Gen Intel Core Processor Family​ For Gamers, Content Creators and Everyday Users

Today at the 12th Gen Intel Core Experience event, Intel showcased the 12th Gen family of processors that redefine multi-core architecture for the PCs with an all-new performance hybrid architecture. The experiential event showcased the latest suite of cutting-edge desktops and laptops powered by Intel’s latest family of processors, and enthusiasts experienced unprecedented performance like never before.

Built on the Intel 7 process, the 12th Gen Intel Core processors feature a new architecture design breakthrough that brings together two types of specialized cores to deliver class-leading performance and responsiveness. The latest platform also integrates technologies, like DDR5 memory support, Thunderbolt™ 4 connectivity, and Intel® Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+), to elevate user experience even further. Whether you’re a casual multi-tasker, an elite gamer, or an imaginative creator, 12th Gen Intel® Core™ mobile processors excel in the areas that matter most.

Akshay Kamath, Director - Client Sales, Intel India
Akshay Kamath, Director – Client Sales, Intel India

All-new performance hybrid architecture: Intel’s performance hybrid architecture is its most significant shift in x86 architecture in more than a decade, re-envisioned to provide the performance to match the way real people use their PCs today.​

The 12th Gen Intel Core processors introduce a new performance hybrid architecture that brings a combination of Performance cores and Efficiency cores to deliver ultimate performance. The Performance-cores are the highest performing CPU core Intel has ever built, for maximum burst and single-threaded performance. ​The Efficient-cores are designed for scalable performance-per-watt, for multi-threaded and multi-tasking performance.​ ​

Intel 12th Gen family of processors scales from U series to P series to H/HX series for Notebook Platform and going up to S series for Desktop.

Intel Thread Director: Intel Thread Director is one of the most significant and exciting innovations in the new performance hybrid architecture.​ It is built on top of our performance monitoring unit that provides the best hardware telemetry in the industry. ​With 2 different core types, placement of threads is the key and additional characterization of the workloads will drive that.​ With Intel Thread Director, we are now able to provide to the OS scheduler, additional workload characterization information that it didn’t have before at the time of making scheduling decisions.​

The most exciting part of Intel Thread Director is that it monitors instruction mix, state of the core, and other relevant micro-architecture telemetry at a granular level and then helps the OS make more intelligent scheduling decisions.​ Traditionally, the OS would have made decisions based on limited stats that are available aligned to foreground/background workload or task characterization, but Intel Thread Director adds a new dimension with this HW telemetry so threads with higher performance requirements end up on the cores that provide the performance, Performance-cores or P-cores. ​

12th Gen Intel Core HX Series processors: Intel’s latest versatile portfolio of mobile products brings breakthrough power performance. For the first time, the 12th Gen Intel Core HX Series is bringing desktop-class performance to mobile workstations. The family of processors features up to 16 cores to deliver unrivaled mobile performance and speed, enabling studio-level creativity and hardcore gaming, and offers support for overclocking.

The 12th Gen Intel Core H-series processors offer up to 14 cores paired with discrete graphics, delivering an elite gaming and professional video editing experience. The 12th Gen Intel Core U-Series processors feature up to 10 cores and is designed for ultrathin laptops that accelerate your office productivity on the go. The 12th Gen Intel Core P-series combines the best of both worlds for enthusiast levels of performance in a thin-and-light form factor. Designed with the experiences that matter most in mind, laptops powered by 12th Gen Intel® Core™ mobile processors offer a premium choice for everyone.

Intel® Evo™ Designs: The company also showcased the Intel Evo Third Edition designs, specifications, and Key Experience Indicators for Intel Evo laptops. The 3rd edition Intel Evo platform features Intel 12th Gen Intel Core processors and sets more demanding Key Experience Indicators for no-compromise mobile experiences that go-getters need.

Intel also elaborated on the new cache architecture found in the 12th Gen Intel Core processors at the event. With the 12th Gen Intel Core Architecture, Intel is introducing a new Common Intel Smart Cache architecture shared among the P Cores, E Cores, and processor graphics.​Additionally, the company increased both our shared Intel® Smart Cache (L3) and L2 cache sizes which drive large memory capacity and reduced latency which are important to deliver fast game loading and smooth frame rates for our enthusiast community​. As a result, the audience saw the increased performance on titles like League of Legends, Hitman 3, and many more. ​