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Zebi Launches Zebi AI Chain for the Hospitality Industry

  • BabuBabu Munagala, Founder, MD & CEO, Zebi India Pvt. Ltd.


Zebi Data India Pvt. Ltd. (Zebi) is excited to announce that its Blockchain based Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution is been implemented in the Hospitality Industry. Top brand hotels in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, India, such as Novotel, The Park, Taj Gateway, Ginger use Zebi AI Chain, not only to protect their guest data but also to help law enforcement officials in proactive identification and prevention of criminal activities.
“The world has seen plenty of innovation in AI in the last few years where developed countries already started deploying AI based surveillance software by local police. AI can help automate surveillance by employing state-of-the-art algorithms for facial recognition, image analysis, etc while ensuring the security and protection of the data through blockchain. With this product launch, Zebi joins some of the leading AI startups in the world that have commercial deployment of their products,” said Sudheer Kuppam, board member of Zebi. “Imagine the potential of an AI product that could automatically match the images on ID proofs in real time.”
According to Indian laws, personal identification data of hotel guests has to be reported to the police department on a daily basis in the interest of national security. Historically, the data transfer between the hotels and law enforcement offices has been done manually, by carrying paper-based documents. This carries huge privacy risk as the sensitive data on the papers are vulnerable to misuse during transportation and storage of papers. At the same time, the processing times are also unnecessarily long and cumbersome.
Zebi AI Chain solution is currently deployed at more than 200 hotels and we are preparing for full-scale deployment across all the hotels in India. The total market for online hotel bookings in India is expected to be more than $2.3 Billion by 2020 as per Deutsche Bank Report.
Zebi brings both privacy and security to the data collected while automating the whole data transfer activity. All of the private and sensitive data of individual hotel guests is stored in the Blockchain and any access or updates to the data are part of the immutable records on the Blockchain. The individual remains as the full controller of data as the consent of the individual is taken before every use of their data.
“When visitors enter the hotel, if they already have a Zebi ID, they can check in within seconds. If not, they can provide a picture and photo id, and create a Zebi ID, which is stored on Zebi Blockchain. The guests no longer have to leave printed photocopies of their id cards or mobile number with the hotel because their Zebi IDs are on the Blockchain. This mitigates the risk of the guest data being misused by the hotel or other enterprises,” said Kalyan Muppaneni, another Board member of Zebi.
“The communication with the police department has been hassle free after implementing the application provided by Zebi. Previously, the police used to visit us on a regular basis for enquiring about the status of tourists, now it is not necessary!” said Nagesh Kumar Venkata Asst. Front Office Manager at The Park, Vizag.
APTDC Haritha Hotel in charge Mr. M.Venkatesh said, “We don’t have to submit the physical copies of the guest details in the police station anymore. Completing the KYC (Know Your Customer) process for the guest using Zebi ID is saving us a lot of time.”
Babu Munagala, founder & CEO of Zebi said, “AI and modern technologies created extraordinary power of utilizing people sensitive data collected by Governments or Enterprises, that could potentially be misused. Zebi AI Chain provides the much-needed controlling function with complete transparency through Smart Contracts. So the Individual can trust enterprises and governments that reliable privacy and security measures are implemented.”

About Zebi

Zebi Data India Pvt. Ltd. specializes in providing blockchain based Big Data solutions to governments and enterprises to leverage and protect their high value and sensitive data. Our flagship products Zebi Chain™ and Zebi Data Gateway are developed by Zebi’s architects from the ground up with Data Security and Privacy Compliance built into the platform. Silicon Valley based veterans have trained Zebi development teams. Across Zebi employees and inception team, there are over 15 IIT graduates. Zebi is one of the few enterprise-grade product companies based in India offering best of the expertise of Silicon Valley at Indian prices.