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Winmore Launches New Bid and Tender Management Software for Global Logistics Market

Winmore unveiled its flagship software solution today that helps the world’s freight forwarders and freight brokers streamline, accelerate and optimize their bid and tender response processes, accelerating customer acquisition, boosting win rates while improving gross margin. The new solution provides commercial leaders with a digital platform to manage the qualification and response of transportation bids and tenders, a critical but time-consuming process today which is largely administered manually using spreadsheets.


“An efficient bid and tender process is critical to the success of today’s third-party logistics service provider,” said Pete Cittadini, CEO of Winmore. “Our cloud-based solution helps freight forwarders and freight brokers prioritize and increase the win rates of the tenders that drive the most margin, align with their capacity, represent the lowest risk and have the highest likelihood of driving downstream spot market business which is often quite profitable.”


Using Winmore’s bid and tender management software, 3PLs can tap into RFP workflows which incorporate the logistics industry’s best practices to gain end-to-end process visibility; this expedites the response process and ensures that bids are submitted on-schedule.


The software also helps logistics service providers flag RFPs and tenders which may price checks for incumbent service providers; analysts suggest 18% of RFPs and tenders fall into this category which consume resources, erode margin and risk commoditizing the industry.


“Winmore’s software plays a critical role as the digital foundation of our tender process,” said Michael Lutjann, Chief Information Officer of Imperial Logistics, a Duisberg, Germany-based logistics and supply chain solution provider. “With Winmore, we respond faster with higher quality bids that make real and lasting contributions to our commercial goals.”


The Bid and Tender management software launched today enables:


  • Data-Driven Bid and Tender Qualification: Bid Scoring shows 3PLs which RFQs and tenders will drive the highest margin and value, helping avoid low-probability and unprofitable bids.
  • Bid Process Visibility: Logistics leaders will know the status of every bid. The software provides clear insights sothe sales, finance, legal, IT, carrier and product teams know what’s expected when, and if any bottlenecks threaten the process.
  • Increased Accountability: Enable team members to collaborate, exchange ideas, ask questions, set alerts, manage tasks and obtain approvals—whenever and wherever they want.

Winmore is designed to increase hit rates, lower cost-to-respond and help customers win more bids.


Winmore runs on Amazon AWS, the World’s most trusted, secure, scalable cloud-based infrastructure. Winmore is a managed environment that provides immediate value for customers on day one, without requiring IT help.


Availability: Winmore is available immediately


About the Global Logistics Industry: Transparency Market Research (TMR) values the current logistics market at $8.1T and forecasts it to grow to $15.5T in 2023.


About Winmore


Winmore is helmed by Silicon Valley software veterans and Logistics Industry experts, with a combined experience spanning decades in bringing cutting edge, disruptive technologies to market. Winmore is laser focused on being the World Leader in Bid and Tender Management for Freight Forwarders and Brokers. Learn more at


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