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Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2020

Instagram has become the favorite app for most social media users. The Instagram algorithm says that over 1 billion people are using Instagram, and among this 90 percent are those which are using Instagram to promote their business. It shows that this social media platform has a potential for huge sales, and that’s why more than 25 million users are using this for business marketing purposes. However, if you have a business account on Instagram that doesn’t mean you are going to have a perfect outcome. There is a possibility that more than seventy percent of users don’t see your posts on their Instagram feed.

Why Does Instagram Engagement Matter?

Since posts are no longer ordered chronologically, engagement is more important than ever. The new algorithm wll show posts based on engagement, so having a good engagement rate will get more eyes on your posts and help your account grow all around.

Instagram engagement is very important to interact with your followers and to increase the growth of your instagram account. Organic Instagram growth will not only increase your follower count, but also your engagement. So, it’s necessary to go with the trend to increase engagement in 2020 and understand the working of Instagram algorithms.

Like other social media platforms, Instagram is also changing its trends. There was a time when the number of likes on a post tells the quality of the post. This is not the only indicator now, as Instagram has hidden this feature in many countries, and only the account owner can see the number of likes.

Now, brands measure performance by looking deep into the profile including Instagram stories, comments on the posts, shares, and also use DMs to assess the performance of the content that is being promoted. The need of the hour is to improve performance and enhance engagement with the target audience.

Here are some ways to increase Instagram engagement:

Post Consistently

Every day, almost one to two quality posts are required on Instagram. This is how your followers can see your posts consistently in their newsfeed. It enhances the chance of your profile attracting more people and also increases engagement with your target audience. Timing is important, so be sure to know the best time to post and improve your Instagram metrics and algorithms. The recommended time to post depends upon the country you are living in. Some say that 8 am to 9 am is a good time to post. Others have a view that 2 pm to 5 pm is good for posting. Consider when your audience is most likely to be online and post at that time.

Tell a Story

Quality content attracts followers. People appreciate and talk more about quality than quantity. In order to captivate your target audience use images and videos with text. Start writing mini stories in your caption, as it will engage the targeted audience more with your content as they feel emotionally attached to the content. They not only talk about it more but they also buy and share it too. Get their attention and try to make connections via captions.

Stay on Brand

Use your creative skills and consistency to build a brand on Instagram. Make a proper plan for it. Trying haphazard techniques wouldn’t work out. A consistent and authentic brand name has an impact on the target audience. Figure out what your brand stands for and looks like and post within that brand story.

Create a Branded Hashtag

Sticking to branding is not enough. If you want to make your band popular, make a hashtag for your profile and use it with every post. It also helps Instagram users to find your brand on social apps. You can promote this hashtag on other social platforms as well. If users ever share anything related to your brand, encourage them to use the hashtag as well!

Use GIFs and Stickers in Your Stories

People often avoid long videos. They prefer watching videos that are 15 seconds or shorter. Here, it is mandatory for you to create and use GIFs and stickers, as they give you a chance to be more expressive in your stories and posts in a short amount of time.

Every business should link to their website in their Instagram bio. If you are using social platforms like Instagram for your business, then you can attract your Instagram traffic to your website by adding the link of your respective website in your posts or stories as well. Adding a link will show Instagram that you’re a real business and show potential followers that you are legit.

Use Emojis

In order to get more attention, use emojis. Emojis are 90% more effective in engaging with your audience and it looks more refreshing and lively, especially to a younger audience.

Take Notes From Your Best-Performing Instagram Post

You can easily observe that some of posts get more likes and rankings. Observe those most popular posts and pieces of content to know what makes them effective. Replicate the same strategy for continued success!

Connect your social platforms to create more authenticity for both followers and for Instagram itself. This can help you get verified and also shows that you are a real person or business with a robust social presence.

Ask Questions through Instagram Stories

“Asking questions” is an Instagram feature on stories. When you use this feature, you are automatically inviting your audience to engage with you as they ask questions and you can respond with answers. This is a great way to engage with and hear back from your followers!

Run Instagram Contests

Contests are potential engagement tools, and according to Instagram algorithms it attracts more likes and comments than a general post. This indirectly develops a chance to engage more with your audience. Run contests and giveaway prizes and you are sure to get more followers and engagements.

Use Direct Messages and Comments

People don’t often reply back in comments or DMs and generally drop an opportunity to engage with the audience. Don’t miss out on this. Be active on Instagram and respond to follower comments and DMs to start a conversation and show that you are interested in their thoughts.