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VOOPOO Launches Industry’s First Pod with Relief Design — Vinci Pod Royal Edition

Shenzhen, China:
 At the start of the new year 2022, VOOPOO, always in pursuit of unique industrial designs, has made another big move. On January 5, it launched Vinci Pod Royal Edition with a new relief design. Its shining and lightweight overall shape emphasizes a retro feel while also showing a strong aristocratic atmosphere.

Original relief craftsmanship for Pod

A large number of relief artworks have been unearthed from the ancient Sumerian Ruins, one of the birthplaces of human civilization. In contemporary times, there are also plenty of art products using relief craftsmanship. According to Vivian, Head of VOOPOO Product Development Team, “It is precisely the ancient relief artworks and the fashionable and retro contemporary elements that inspired us to develop the Vinci Pod Royal Edition series. Our original purpose is to explore the artistic and cultural value of the Pod product itself, so that users can also show their artistic taste in the process of using the product.”

However, it is no easy to engrave relief patterns on delicate Pod products. Any slight fault in the process will result in failure to achieve art-grade quality. The six products of the VOOPOO Vinci Pod Royal Edition series are all designed by experienced artists and are also integrated with design elements from retro jazz and cool graffiti styles. Product development took 8 months, and 12 manufacture processes and 68 techniques were involved, with 80% of the work completed by hand. The products were a result of the collaboration of more than 20 people including industrial designers, structural designers, and R&D members.

In addition to the unique relief itself, the tactile experience brought by the relief is even more impressive. Since the relief pattern of each product is different, customers can choose according to their own visual and tactile preferences. When the Pod of “tactile beauty” is held in your hand, you can experience an artistic masterpiece with its concave-convex surface, allowing you to enjoy a noble experience at your fingertip.

Focused on the user’s product experience

In addition to the appearance, the product’s material and user experience also fit the users’ habits. The VOOPOO product development team has chosen the 6061 aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which boasts excellent strength, plasticity, fracture toughness, fatigue resistance, stress corrosion cracking resistance and exfoliation corrosion resistance, and has been widely used in aerospace, high-speed rail and automotive industries. It is worth noting that after 268 precise airflow experiments, the transmitter and airway design of VINCI Pod Royal Edition has been well optimized, bringing unparalleled comfort to the mouth-sucking experience.

VINCI Pod Royal Edition comes with the visual VINCI POD cartridge, which allows users to see the remaining e-liquid in real time, so that they can refill in time and refrain from anxiety. At the same time, VINCI Pod Royal Edition is equipped with 0.8Ω and 1.2Ω atomizers for users to enjoy different levels of taste and nicotine experience according to their preferences. VINCI Pod Royal Edition has also perfectly integrated the breathing light, so that it lights up when the user is inhaling, and goes off when stopping, providing users the strong dynamic sense.

WARNING: This product may be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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