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Veteran Actor Manmeet Singh’s Song, Asli Sardarji, Celebrates the Real Spirit of Sikhism

  • VeteranVeteran actor Manmeet Singh’s song, Asli Sardarji, celebrates the real spirit of Sikhism

Manmeet Singh holds a very special place in Indian cinema and has played many important character roles in films over the last two decades. And interestingly, in that entire time span, he never took up a role in any film which had any jokes on Sikhs or portrayed Sardar’s doing anything that is forbidden or not appreciated in the religion. Now, Singh has taken his legacy forward by penning and lending his voice to Asli Sardarji, a song which celebrates the true spirit of being a Sikh.
Manmeet Singh said, “I’ll face all hardships with smile to make all happy but never be a reason for anyone’s sadness, as my almighty dwells in all. Sardarjis, are renowned world over for their bravery, a strength of character and most importantly, how they selflessly come ahead and help anyone in need, irrespective of gender, religion or economic standing. Be it a natural calamity, attack or any situation of distress, Sikh community has always stepped up and helped those in need. However, when it comes to music videos or films, Sikhs are generally reduced to comic characters and off-late, most songs have lewd content, which not only makes them unsuitable for family viewing but also negates everything that Sikhism stands for. Asli Sardarji honors the real spirit of Sikhism and shows what being a true Sardar means, and it does that in Punjabi style, with foot-tapping beats and catchy lyrics. Asli Sardarji is a song where one will feel the pride of being a Sardar and the video can be enjoyed by the whole family together, and we bet this one will become a part of all your celebrations.”
Asli Sardar Ji Music video is produced by Creative Concepts Films, a Delhi-based film production house, equipped with our very own, fully loaded, state-of-the-art, in-house production studio, and a dedicated team of skilled professionals. Creative concepts films also produce feature films, one-hour films, web series, and short films, across digital content platforms and markets, in India and abroad.

The song has been composed by Birgi Veerz, Directed by Pankaj Verma and also features Amritpal Singh Billa, Atvinder Singh, Apinderdeep Singh and Sahajdeep Singh. The song has been launched on YouTube channel by the name Asli Sardarji. Singer & Lyrics – Manmeet Singh Produced By – Amarjeet Singh Chawla & Sunmeet Kaur Supported by Kawaldeep Singh Sahni and Tanu Singh