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V-CAT to Begin a New Type of Crowdfunding, Using Digital Currency

V-CAT Vietnam will develop a new type of crowdfunding services that uses digital currency. A platform that uses the JC-coin digital currency will be built, and all data involved in transactions will be safely protected with leading-edge blockchain technology. Any user with JC-coins can exchange any physical or digital assets they might own on the platform for more JC-coins. This will provide the funding needed to develop revolutionary new products and services, together with users worldwide, and will enable new investments in all kinds of different businesses.


V-CAT is proceeding with development of the MALLLESS platform in advance of an April 2019 launch of services. The goal is to host 10 million users worldwide by 2020. What makes MALLLESS unique is that businesses and individuals can take advantage of the point-transfer transaction model website and the proprietary wallet mechanism, both of which enable any selling of new or used goods, or of intangibles. There is also conversions possible for key virtual currencies like Bitcoin, and for real world currencies like dollars and euros. There will also be compatibility with the JAM point system ( that V-CAT already offers.


Work is also underway to launch services with a crowdfunding app, Raudo, in August of 2020. The goal is to engage 10 million users worldwide by 2021 which would not only allow anyone, anywhere in the world, to easily participate in crowdfunding and would also make the provisioning of that funding possible without requiring additional development work for currency encryption.


V-CAT will continue to provide any and all participants, including individuals and business worldwide, with services that had previously been unavailable to them, using the JC-coin currency as a foundation.


  1. Convert real (including land or real estate) or digital (including Bitcoin) assets that you own into JC-coins.
  2. The provisioning, through crowdfunding, of monies for developing new products, services, or businesses.
  3. Promotion for products and services worldwide. Buy and sell products and services on a safe platform that blocks hacking.
  4. Provide a safe platform for transactions.

Note: See for more information on the business plans offered by V-CAT.


Corporate Overview


V-CAT was founded in Vietnam in 2018, in Ho Chi Minh. There are 14 persons involved as core members. There are also 5 persons involved as engineers, developing platforms based on leading-edge blockchain technology. V-CAT continues to offer safe systems.


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