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Top 9 Chromebook Volume Booster Extensions for Enhanced Experience

Are you seeking for a Chromebook volume enhancer extension? If so, you’ve come to the correct place!

There are numerous volume booster extensions on the market, and it can be tough to determine one is best for you. That is why we have developed a list of the best five possibilities based on our personal experiences.

Chromebook Volume Booster

Volume boosting is critical to improving the audio experience across multiple digital platforms. The ability to increase volume, whether for listening to music or guaranteeing clear speech during virtual conferences, can considerably improve overall user happiness.

Browser extensions provide users with access to a variety of helpful tools. Volume Booster Chrome extensions enable users to enhance audio output levels with a few clicks.

What are the advantages of the Chromebook Volume Booster Extension?

The Chromebook volume booster extension can be quite handy if you want to increase the volume of your audio. There are several advantages to utilising this type of extension:

  • They are simple to install and use. Simply apply the extension to your Chrome browser and you’ll be able to use it straight away.
  • Second, they work on any computer. Whether you own a PC or a Mac, you will be able to use a volume booster extension without difficulty.
  • Third, they are really inexpensive. You can find a variety of entirely free solutions.
  • Fourth, they provide a diverse set of characteristics. Depending on the extension you select, you may be able to adjust the sound quality, increase the volume by a certain amount, or even create pre-sets for various genres of audio.
  • Fifth, they serve many purposes. Whether you’re looking to increase the volume of your music or video calls, you’ll be able to discover an extension that can help.

Volume Booster

Volume Booster is a Chrome addon that enhances your audio experience. It can boost the maximum volume output by up to 1000%. This plugin allows users to modify volume levels to their liking. You can adjust the video volume to your chosen levels.

It is compatible with multiple operating systems. Users can reap the benefits of increased audio immersion. Volume Booster’s reputation for dependability. It is ad-free and malware-free, providing superior sound quality. It is a go-to solution for improving your audio experience while browsing using Chrome.


  • Boosts volume by up to 1000%.
  • Tested on both Mac and Windows platforms.
  • Provides a smooth experience without advertisements or viruses.


  • Excessive amplification can harm speakers.
  • User reviews are mixed.
  •  Works on one tab at a time.

Volume Max – Ultimate Sound Booster

Volume Max – Ultimate Sound Booster is a Chrome addon that improves the audio experience. It includes features that increase volume and bass, as well as an equaliser for fine-tuning sound quality. Users can raise the volume of their system by up to 600 percent. This YouTube level Booster allows you to increase the bass and manage the level for each tab individually.

Some users find it useful, while others have reported concerns with functionality. The extension’s commitment to user privacy, which includes no data gathering or usage outside of its primary functions, adds to its attractiveness. Sound Booster is a multipurpose Chrome extension that increases volume and improves sound quality.


  • • Increases volume by up to 600%.
  • • Improves bass for a better listening experience.
  • • Users can customise audio settings based on their preferences.
  • • Allows you to customise volume levels for each tab individually.


  • Some users have reported concerns with functionality.
  • Not all users may notice major changes in audio quality.
  • May not be consistent across all websites and platforms.

Volume Master

Volume Booster is a trustworthy Chrome addon that improves users’ audio experiences. With a volume increase of up to 600%, it gives consumers fine-grained control over audio levels. They can make modifications ranging from 0% to 600%. Users can easily alter the level of any tab that is playing audio with a single click.

Volume Booster maintains transparency by presenting a blue rectangle indicator in the tab bar to warn users of audio manipulation. This free volume booster plugin is 100% ad-free. Volume Booster is a simple and reliable tool for improving Chrome users’ audio experiences.


  • Ability to enhance volume by up to 600%.
  • Fine-grained volume control.
  •  Simple one-click audio control across all tabs.


  • Chrome blocks full-screen mode when using the extension.
  • Mixed evaluations on effectiveness and user experience.

Gainly – Volume Control

Gainly is another excellent Chrome volume enhancer addon. Gainly allows you to enhance the loudness of any audio or video clip by up to 600%. The extension also includes an equaliser, allowing you to customise the sound quality. It can be used on the current tab, website, or all websites.

To install it, go to the Gainly page on the Chrome Web Store and select Add to Chrome. After you’ve installed the extension, click the icon to modify the volume slider. You can also use the equaliser by clicking the “EQ” button.


  • Capable of boosting volume by up to 600%.
  • Simple and user-friendly UI.
  • Detailed control over loudness levels.


  • Limited interoperability with specific websites and platforms.

Volume Control

Volume Control is a full audio management solution for the Chrome browser. The expansion provides a variety of capabilities, including the capacity to raise volume by up to 600%. It displays all tabs that are now playing audio and allows for quick navigating between tabs with sound.

Users can also mute tabs with a single click of the speaker icon in the popup menu. Volume Control features a slider control that allows users to change volume levels above 100%. Overall, volume control is a useful tool for controlling music on Chrome and provides alternatives for making Spotify louder.


  • Each tab has own volume control.
  • Provides up to 600% volume boost capabilities.
  • Mute option for tabs.
  • No data collecting to protect user privacy.


  • Limited interoperability with specific websites and platforms.

Volume Booster

Volume Booster is a Chrome extension that aims to enhance users’ audio experiences. This volume booster has a number of functions, including the capacity to amplify sound up to 600%. It functions as a bass enhancer and has an audio equaliser for fine-tuning sound quality. Its elegant popup interface provides users with a volume switch and a list of tabs that are currently playing music.

Users may easily adjust the sound levels in specific tabs. Users may browse between tabs quickly, play audio with a single click, and use fast volume up and down controls for ease. The plugin provides an immersive audio experience by continuously monitoring gain levels and eliminating sound distortions.


  • Capable of increasing loudness by up to 600%. 
  • Offers bass booster and audio equalizer capabilities.
  • Regular monitoring to avoid sound distortions.
  • Mixed evaluations on effectiveness and user experience.


  • Limited interoperability with specific websites and platforms.

Ears: Bass Boost, EQ Any Audio!

Ears: Bass Boost, EQ Any Audio is an innovative Chrome extension that will improve your audio experience. This multifunctional toolset functions as both a volume booster and a graphic equaliser. Users can adjust the audio on any website in real time. Ears provide comprehensive control over your auditory environment. Its user-friendly interface allows you to easily alter the EQ for numerous tabs at the same time.

Ears is constantly updated to provide users with the best possible experience, with latest updates including performance optimisations and UI improvements. Ears is lauded for its ease of use, robust functionality, and dedication to customer privacy.


  • Innovative volume booster and graphic equalizer. 
  • Real-time EQ adjustments for any audio on the web. 
  • Expanded capability with per-tab stereo panning on the horizon.


  • Limited to Chrome browser; may not be available on other platforms.
  • Requires manual modifications for best audio customization.

Sound Booster – Increase Volume Up

Sound Booster is a chrome addon that improves audio playback. It can increase volume and improve sound quality. It provides a simple alternative for those looking to amplify their system’s audio output. The extension can boost volume levels by up to 600%.

It is handy for people who find their device’s default settings inadequate. Sound Booster also includes a bass boost function to improve the low-frequency components of audio files. Its simple interface facilitates installation and activation. Users can readily get enhanced audio experiences through a variety of web platforms.


  • Increases volume up to 600%.
  • Enhances sound clarity and bass with an equaliser.
  • Easy installation and activation.


  • Limited customization possibilities for sophisticated users. 
  • Potential distortion at high volume levels.

Sound Booster – Boost My Bass

Sound Booster – Boost My Bass is a Chrome plugin that improves your listening experience. It is a reliable tool for increasing the volume and quality of sound across multiple platforms. This plugin allows users to maximise the loudness of their videos and music.

Sound Booster allows users to regulate the sound levels for each tab separately. Its capacity to increase volume by up to 600% means that consumers may enjoy louder entertainment without sacrificing quality. The extension’s bass boost feature enhances the audio’s depth and richness. Boost My Bass may improve your audio content with its simple installation and seamless integration.


• Increases audio volume up to 600% for better listening experience.
• Each tab has its own sound control, allowing for greater versatility.
• The Bass Boost feature improves audio quality.


  • Limited language support compared to similar extensions.
  • Lack of advanced capabilities, such as equaliser customisation.

Final Words

Volume booster Chrome extensions provide an easy way to improve the audio quality of your surfing experience. These addons help improve audio settings by making controls for increasing volume levels and improving sound clarity more easily accessible.
This post examined ten basic but efficient loudness booster Chrome plugins. Each extension provides distinct capabilities to enhance your audio experience. Those looking for a full solution can consider adopting EaseUS VoiceWave. With its powerful audio enhancing features, VoiceWave promises to elevate your audio experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you’re seeking for a sound booster Chrome addon, you may be perplexed. Here are some tips to help you.

1. Fix the volume booster chrome extension that’s not working.

If your volume booster Chrome plugin does not work.
* Restart the browser or reinstall the extension.
* Ensure your browser is compatible with the addon.
* Check audio settings for issues.

2. How can I boost the loudness in Chrome?

To boost the volume in Chrome, follow these steps:
* Open the settings menu.
* Select “Settings”.
* Expand “Advanced” settings.
* Under “Privacy and security,” click “Site settings.”
* Open “Sound” to change sound settings.
* Use the volume slider to boost the volume in Chrome.

3. Do volume boosting extensions work?

Yes, volume booster addons can help you increase the loudness of music and video content in Chrome. These additions can boost the sound output. Users can experience louder and clearer audio quality.

4. What is the best loudness booster?

The ideal volume booster is determined by individual preferences and requirements. Popular Chrome volume booster extensions are Sound Booster, Volume Booster, and Volume Control for Google Chrome™. It is recommended that you try out numerous alternatives and select the one that best meets your requirements for increasing loudness on Chrome.