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Tanya Ghavri Lets Us in on Myntra Insider Masterclass and Her Advice on Wedding Fashion

Bangalore, Karnataka, India:


Picture this. You go on an online shopping spree. You get rewarded with points for engaging and spending time on the platform. You use these points to unlock a host of interactive sessions with celebrated experts from the world of fashion. Sounds intriguing?

Myntra Insider, a benefits and privilege program built for style enthusiasts like you, ensures just that. Once you’ve checked out and the reward points are added to your account, you can redeem them for a plethora of benefits that range from VIP access to Myntra sale or launch events, to extra savings on purchases and fashion advice from top stylists.

Tanya Ghavri lets us in on Myntra Insider Masterclass—one of our favourite benefits and something that’s truly one-of-a-kind in its field.

What is Myntra Insider Masterclass?

“The ‘Myntra Insider Masterclasses’ is an exciting initiative from Myntra. The aim is to give everyone access to expert fashion advice and styling tips to help them unlock answers to all their queries. The Masterclasses are being helmed by various celebrity stylists. People have been admiring the looks of their favorite celebrities, and now they can get an inside track on how to get the same elegance, finesse and perfection in their dressing approach and they can do so in an affordable manner. During the course of the show, the viewers get smart tips and hacks, vital suggestions based on body type and skin tone, live answers to their queries and can get their hands on exclusive curated looks that we put together for them,” explains Ghavri.

Ghavri’s edit, Wedding Time Fashion, caters to something we’re all hyped about, all year round

Referring to her session, Wedding Time Fashion, she says, “It is about something that as a country we are always very excited about, and naturally so was I. Weddings in our country are highly anticipated affairs. In peak wedding season, which in our country is almost all year round, people have to attend 5-6 weddings on an average. Wedding Time Fashion is aimed at providing useful styling tips and recommendations that will help you stand out. The bride and groom will, of course, be the centre of attention, but there’s no reason why you can’t be looking your ravishing best and get some eyes on you too. Plus, a typical wedding has so many ceremonies attached, the episode will help people unlock their styling A-game for every occasion.”

Speaking on the one wedding fashion trend she swears by, she continues, “A beautiful maang tikka can amp up any festive look”. Elaborating on many such preferences, tips and likings of hers, the stylist is all set to be a part of the interactive Masterclass, where she will be talking about all things related to the perfect wedding wardrobe. Expect everything from video lessons, personalised answers to questions within 72 hours, her favourite products and an insight into useful tricks.

Ghavri has earlier worked with the likes of Sonam Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and will be using her professional expertise to present her edit. By what we picked from our conversation with her on the same, the session is going to be a one-stop solution if you’re looking to revamp your heavy outfits for a different occasion, are confused about appropriate fabrics, patterns and hues, or are fretting about anything that has to do with the season’s sartorial woes.

To give you a peek inside everything important, we’ve listed down all the interesting anecdotes we gathered from our chat up with her.

Put an end to your most common problem through her session

Shopping for a wedding is no mean feat. We’re faced with endless choices and need to keep several things in mind, be it our body shape or personality type. Sensing the same, Ghavri says, “A problem that I seek to solve in my edit is how to deal with too many options. Another thing I’ll focus on is the art of editing and finding what suits your body type and things that are event-appropriate.”

One thing that could make or break your look, according to Ghavri

Ask the stylist this question, and she’s prompt and clear to say, “It’s shoes!”
(But, interestingly, there’s one fashion trend she’ll pass and probably never try: dungarees.)

Myntra Insider Masterclass is a tool for her to connect with all you fashion lovers

When regular customers get exclusive access to celebrated stylists and their perspectives, the experience is always exciting and one-of-a-kind. Ghavri’s favourite thing about being a part of the online platform too, is to actively enable the same. She says, “I’m so glad and happy to be a part of something that is so inclusive and allows me to connect with people who I can directly help. I think it’s the start of something much larger that will be a helpful tool in the world of styling and fashion.”

In case you too are starting out in the fashion business, here is her piece of advice

“If you feel like this is what you want to pursue as a career, make sure you study design and the business of fashion. It will help you open your mind to the numerous possibilities the design world has to offer today. Work with a professional with a lot of experience and always research well.”

Does her inspiration behind choosing the profession seem relatable to you?

On being asked what led her to be a stylist, Ghavri responded, “The inspiration was my inclination towards art, design and travel; and the idea that one could say so much about oneself without having to say anything at all, only through styling. The creative process was a clear reason and inspiration.”

Whose style does she look up to herself

“There are so many people. I like Sonam Kapoor, Olivia Palermo, Jennifer Lawrence, and Anna Wintour for her classic, but always edgy style,” she says. She also reveals that Deepika Padukone in India and Margot Robbie internationally would make for her perfect muses, too.