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Snapdeal Announces All-you-need-this-Holi Store

  • SnapdealSnapdeal announced curated Holi store


Holi is about colour, getting wet, enjoying the festivities and then scrubbing back to a clean self. Snapdeal’s “Holi Store” has put together a complete collection of thoughtful items that a user will need before stepping out, while out enjoying and all that is required to clean up after that. Here are some glimpses of the selection:
Before you step out:
Bring on the holi with Snapdeal’s range of “all white” fashion styles for children, women, and men. Don’t forget to pick colourful bandanas to add a bit of colour while also protecting your hair from not-so-good colour. Don’t forget to shop for skin, hair and nails protection! Snapdeal’s Holi Store has the best deals (minimum 30% discount) on nourishing oils, sunscreens, and moisturizers which you can apply before you step out to play.
Snapdeal also has a bunch of must haves to save your phone (with up to 70% off on mobile covers), cars, and bikes with items like screen guards, mobile protection bags, waterproof bags, as well as bike and car covers (Up to 80% discount on bike and car covers).
While enjoying:
Prepare all the essentials for a colourful, fun filled Holi by stocking up on natural colours, water guns in different shapes with cartoon characters, auto fill water balloons (fill & seal up to 30 balloons in 60 seconds), and colourful sprays that will get the spirits going. Water pumps and plastic swimming pools are also on sale to ensure your little ones have a splashy time.
Waterproof power banks, selfie sticks and waterproof speakers (up to 35% off) will ensure you do not miss a moment of fun and also capture all the colourful memories of the revelry.
There is a wide range of traditional Indian sweets and savouries and party items including ice crushers, gola makers, disposable crockery, gujia moulds and more.
Cleaning Up:
Stock up ahead for a post Holi clean up session with attractively priced cosmetics that will heal your skin and hair from the Holi excess – while there is up to 40% discount on loofas and make-up removers, the scrubs, bubble wash, cleansing and wet wipes will cost you up to 50% lesser. To help clean up your homes high pressure jets, floor cleaners, mops, scrubbers, and water pipes have massive discounts up to 80% off.
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