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SIRIN LABS Has Chosen FIH Mobile (Foxconn International Holding) to Manufacture FINNEY™, the First Blockchain Smartphone

SIRIN LABS ( and FIH Mobile will debut the design and manufacturing of FINNEY™, the world’s first blockchain-based smartphone.


In December of 2017, SIRIN LABS carried out the 4th largest crowdsale in history, raising $157.8M for the development of the FINNEY™ family of consumer devices, which will include a smartphone and all-in-one PC.


FINNEY™ devices are embedded with a state of the art, ultra-secure cold storage crypto wallet, which will enable seamless and automatic token conversions for the use of different decentralized applications, without the hassle of obtaining the different tokens through an exchange, thus solving the complicated user experience.


The agreement will have FIH Mobile lead the original design and manufacturing of the phone with SIRIN LABS leading the development of the cold storage wallet hardware, and the SIRIN OS™.


Following the co-development, FIH Mobile will manufacture the FINNEY™ devices in its facilities.


Moshe Hogeg, Co-CEO, SIRIN LABS: “Bringing the first blockchain-based smartphone to market obligates us to partner with the very best in the market. FIH Mobile – the gold-standard in smartphone manufacturing – was ultimately the clear and natural partner for us.”


SIRIN LABS, the developer of SOLARIN™, an ultra-secure mobile phone – is currently developing FINNEY™, the first open source blockchain smartphone and all-in-one PC. Backed by significant investment from some of the most respected players at the forefront of new technologies, the company vision is to bridge the gap between the mass market and the blockchain economy by creating a simple to use, feeless, ultra secure standard that will solve the current blockchain pains of security and poor user experience. Learn more at: Follow us on Telegram: