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Biometrics: Moving Forward with Password-Free Security

Security is a significant concern for individuals and organizations using technologically oriented security systems. The reason behind this is that criminals usually find ways to go around even the most sophisticated security systems. Companies that provide security services such as Securifer have been looking at different security options and among the options that have proved to be effective is the use of biometrics.


Biometric systems work by identifying unique characteristics of individuals, such as gender, height, race, age, voice, fingerprints, and iris. These systems use the latest technology to ensure that no one can duplicate the unique features of any individual. As a result, biometric systems have become increasingly popular in different places where enhanced security is required, such as military bases, airports, banks, and hospitals. The popularity of these modern systems over other security systems is attributed to several unique benefits.

Enhanced Security

The primary reason why biometrics systems are so popular is that they are almost impossible to compromise. These systems use unique features where there are no two people who have the same features. A good example is fingerprints and iris, where each person has unique fingerprints and iris. The only way that criminals can access your personal features is only if they kidnap you or use weapons to force you into the biometric systems.

A high level of security is essential, especially in the modern days where technology-based security is among the most used types of security. Almost every organization uses technology to enhance security, requiring that security is of the highest standards.  Biometric systems provide enhanced security that plays an integral role in reducing technologically oriented crimes. It also helps organizations and government agencies ensure that their data and the data belonging to their clients are secure.


Another advantage of a biometric security system is that it is more convenient than most other options. You do not have to remember any passwords since the system can recognize your unique features. This is important, especially in the current days where almost every transaction requires a password. You might find that you have tens of passwords and remembering all of them can be challenging.

Not requiring a password is also helpful to older people who might not have the capacity to remember their passwords. Such people can get clearance and authentication without being taken through the agony of remembering different passwords. The convenience of a biometric system is further enhanced by that you do not have to carry security cards or ships when you need to access secured facilities.


It has also been confirmed that biometric systems are inexpensive than most of the other modern security options. This is facilitated by that you only need to install the biometric system at the entry point of the facility you want to secure. The only other expense is maintenance cost which is almost negligible since these systems are designed to last for long.

The cost of installing biometric systems has been reducing gradually, especially due to the manufacturers of these systems increasing. Demand for these systems shot up after it became clear that these systems might be the most secure options in the market. This encouraged more manufacturers of security gadgets to start manufacturing biometric systems in large numbers, and as a result, the prices reduced significantly.

The Future of Biometrics

Most technologies keep on changing and improving, but biometrics technology is expected to exist for many years to come. This means that the usage of biometric technology is among the technologies that are expected to provide security solutions for many years to come. The only change that might be done on the technology is a refinement to ensure that it can record even the most minor qualities of an individual.

Biometric systems are also expected to become more common in the future. Their application is expected to spread into almost all aspects of life, including the considered minor aspects. Simple things such as opening the door to your home or starting your car will be using this type of technology. The impact of this is that the rates of technologically based and general crimes will reduce. This is because no one will be able to aces your personal items and operations without your presence.

Another expected to change in the application of biometrics technology is the reduction in the size of the gadgets that facilitate this technology. It will be possible to use microscopic gadgets in the application of this modern security technology. The importance of this is that it shall open up and increase the number of ways in which biometric technology can be used. It shall be possible to apply this technology even in small spaces, which will play a critical role in enhancing security.

The usage of biometric systems is also expected to be improved so that the data collected by the systems will be optimally secure. This is because currently, there are people who do not feel totally safe when their personal details are stored in biometric systems. Most of the modern systems that are used in different premises keep the data they collect for a minimum of two hours. This can encourage cybercrime, where criminals can harvest this data and use it in various types of crime.

The ability of biometric systems to discard personal data as soon as they confirm an individual’s identity will be a major improvement. Many people will have the confidence and courage to use these systems without the fear that their personal details might be exposed to criminals. In fact, this is the main agenda in most meetings discussing how biometric technology can be made better both now and in the future.

The many advantages of biometric systems make them one of the most popular security systems. This popularity is expected to grow even further as more people understand the many benefits they can get from using this modern system. Many people and experts describe this type of security technology as the future of security mainly because of its ability to provide bleach-proof security. Therefore, biometric systems provide reliable security solutions to individuals and organizations that appreciate modern technology solutions.

Image Credit – Pixabay