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Air Comm Delivers 25 percent Faster Customer Service with Hiver

Air Comm, an award-winning wireless communications and solutions provider, deployed Hiver – a Gmail-based customer service solution. With Hiver, the Air Comm team significantly improved the efficiency of its customer service team with better visibility, along with a 25% improvement in the response rate to queries, driving a faster and superior customer service experience.


At Air Comm, the support team works on requests to help its field sales team reach out to customers, or execute admin work like adding leads to the CRM.  As the team grew, it was difficult to keep track of the emails. There was no visibility into emails in the queue or issues that had not been resolved yet – significantly reducing accountability and efficiency of the team.


With a larger team, email management became a nightmare. Team members had to forward entire email threads to collaborate on customer conversations while keeping teammates in Cc – not the most convenient way to discuss a support query. The team managed over 4000 support requests every month through a cluttered @support inbox – one that had no visibility, hazy accountability, and reduced efficiency.


With Hiver, Air Comm has turned their email lists into Shared Inboxes within Gmail. This implementation helps the team stay on the same page. Hiver’s Automations have made the process of email assignments time-efficient and effortless. Everyone in the Air Comm team has access to all customer conversations without any manual interventions.


Since implementing Hiver, Air Comm’s support team has seen a 25% improvement in the response rate to queries, fostering a culture where every customer gets faster responses and top-notch service, further saving them 195 hours every month.


In addition to improving the team’s efficiency, Hiver also gives the team’s manager complete visibility into the ownership of emails, their status, and how workload is distributed within the team – fostering accountability and avoiding duplicate responses to the same customer. Whenever a support team member needs help with a query, they can just tag a teammate with @mention and write a Note to that person. This feature helps the team collaborate on emails without having to forward them internally, saving time with faster collaborations among team members.


Tai Roach, Support Team Manager, Air Comm, said, “Gmail without Hiver makes going through your inbox a frustrating affair. Just reading through 150 emails a day is very time-consuming, even if other people have handled a good chunk of it”. She further added, “Hiver can keep things structured and get things done on time.”


Niraj Ranjan Rout, Co-founder and CEO of Hiver, said, “We’re glad that Hiver has helped Air Comm manage faster customer service efficiently and productively. For companies to garner lasting partner relationships and goodwill, timely responses are critical. At the same time, it is essential to have crystal clear accountability and visibility into the team’s workflow for smooth and efficient internal and external functioning. Hiver gives customer service teams the tools they need to manage operational challenges of sharing team emails successfully.”


About Hiver

Hiver is a Gmail-based customer service solution that helps teams across the organization collaborate on shared inboxes like services@, orders@, support@.


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