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3 Ways to Profit From the Growth of the Cybersecurity Sector

With more individuals and companies continuing to increase the global number of active internet users, the need for competent cybersecurity professionals has never been higher. In fact, by some estimates, there’s already a global shortage of about two million qualified cybersecurity professionals. That means that anyone who specializes in this field can easily find a high-paying job in any area, and many of the positions allow you to work remotely from home. The number of open job positions within the cybersecurity industry is expected triple within the next half a decade. With that said, here are five ways you can profit from this burgeoning sector:

1. Pursue a High-Paying Job in IT

Working for the IT department of a major company or opening an IT agency is one of the most direct ways you can begin to boost your income around the rising demand for cybersecurity. Plus, if you’re looking for a career in which you could benefit from earning an online masters, cybersecurity is a great option because all of the courses can be taken digitally. There are many IT jobs that pay more than $100K annually, and companies are looking for candidates that are particularly experienced in cybersecurity protocol.

2. Become a Cybersecurity Consultant

Another great way to monetize your expertise in cybersecurity is to provide advice to business and individuals on a bespoke basis. Generally, this would involve testing and examining your clients’ cybersecurity systems to ensure they’re completely covered. Consultancy positions are always great because you’re only leveraging your knowledge through advisory and you usually won’t need to actually perform any of the tedious tasks involved managing or repairing issues. However, you’re still providing very real value to the clients and the companies you work for because often times you’ll be the head strategist that guides the direction of their cybersecurity policy. As such, the national annual salary of this position is about $112,000, which is great when you consider the fact that you’re only providing advice for the most part.

3. Earn Commissions from Recommending Cybersecurity Products

If you don’t necessarily want to take the time to become an expert in cybersecurity but you’d still like to profit from the industry’s growth, you can opt for the affiliate marketing approach and earn commissions for turning your site visitors into leads and buyers for cybersecurity companies. This could include creating roundups, reviews, and recommendations for the top antivirus software and services, or working on lead generation for cybersecurity firms. In this way, you’ll be able to capitalize tremendously without ever having to learn advanced cybersecurity topics.

The Industry’s Rate of Expansion Makes it a Gold Mine

As any investor or entrepreneur knows, the industries with the highest rate of growth are typically the most profitable because they offer plenty of opportunity for everyone involved. Thus, cybersecurity as a whole easily represents one of the most appealing lanes for tech-savvy, business-minded individuals who are looking for an ideal long-term career path or income boost.