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Rusha and Blizza Looks Forward to 2022 With Their New Sound Design EP Better Future Frequencies

New Delhi, Delhi, India:
 Among the most reliable and cerebral music producers in India right now, New Delhi duo Rusha & Blizza have wasted little time while transcending to global repute with their EPs.Paurush Kumar (Rusha) and Aman Khare (Blizza) may have sparked a conversation on a whim a decade ago – they found each other making playlists for the same gym they went to and shared a mutual admiration in their artist choices – but they’ve traveled deeper.From turning club dancefloors upside down with their chaotic blend of future bass, dubstep and trap to injecting haunting (and at times, exuberant) Indian folk melodies in their EPs, Rusha & Blizza have often prepped themselves to be at the front of every kind of genre they’ve explored.The result is present in their timeless, genre-fluid EPs such as Gloss (2019), Mudra (2020), Sutra (also in 2020), Mudra 2 (2021) and most recently, Better Future Frequencies. At the center of each of their recent, prolific releases is sound design – an element of production that one doesn’t often hear producers delve on. Songs like “PashuGudwan” on Mudra, for example, adapt a folk dance song but give it a spacey edge, while “Mudra (Outro)” focuses on India’s traditional rhythms and ride the wave with electronic flourishes.
Where the serpentine synth lines crest and trough into digital chaos on signature songs like “Courage”, “Kaise” and “Kaka”, Rusha & Blizza also turn up with cutting edge treatments on “Hoye” and “Kaal”, crafting cinematic music which also doubles up as dancefloor bangers. It could be the perfect jam for audiophiles to immerse themselves in, just plugged into their headphones. Alternatively, Rusha & Blizza also bring the energy to every set, honing in on a journeying performance of their discography.They’re now taking the next step into tomorrow with their latest EP Better Future Frequencies. As the name suggests, there’s a meditative, healing air to the production, mirroring the duo’s belief that music can always do good even when the world is not in the best of shape. They wander into unexplored sonic realms, emerging with their lead single “Payal”, accompanied by a slick music video directed by Amit Mali.Shot in an arid, sparse but natural setting of hills in India, a striking woman protagonist roams the land, in search as well as in a bid to escape. This combination of pursuit and looking forward is the pulse of “Payal”, another stellar release from Rusha & Blizza. Payal video link:
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