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Revolutionize Cross-Border Travel Experience: Weconex Launches “DeerTrip” App

The 6th Lingnan Pass Innovator Conference was held on June 28th in Guangzhou. In line with the theme of “March towards the Electronic Payment 3.0 Era”, the highlights of this year’s conference were the reveal of innovative products and services as well as win-win cooperation in electronic payment for public transportation. As Lingnan Pass enters its seventh year, the number of issued standard transport cards and QR code users of Lingnan Pass have exceeded 70 million!


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The 6th Lingnan Pass Innovator Conference (Photo: Business Wire)

The 6th Lingnan Pass Innovator Conference (Photo: Business Wire)

At this annual gathering for professionals in the transportation industry, the conference guests include executives from the Guangdong Public Transport Department, Guangzhou Public Transport Group, China Transport Telecommunication & Information Center; authorities from Guangdong Traffic Management Bureaus (Committees); representatives of “China T-Union” from Guangdong Province, Fujian Province as well as Urumqi and Xining. Besides, representatives of Korea and Singapore transportation brands also attended the conference. As the strategic partner of Lingnan Pass, Weconex Group revealed its latest cross-border travel solution at the conference.


Lingnan Pass moves forward on national transportation systems integration


In 2017, the number of outbound tourists in China reached 128 million, which is more than half of the number of independent domestic travelers. The increasing demand for cross-border travel requires global transport system operators to offer an integrated solution.


An integrated solution for cross-border transportation systems


As “The Belt and Road Initiative” fosters interconnection of New Mobility as a Service, China has continuously invested in transportation network infrastructures, including high-speed rails, railways, highways, urban roads and rail transits. The realization of integrated interregional transport networks and services has become a major national strategic goal. Building an unimpeded cross-border transit passage will mark an important milestone for China to strengthen its position at an international level.


With the consistent enhancement of the user’s travel experience, cross-border independent travel solution will extend the boundaries of overseas travel, providing borderless travel services. At the conference, Tseng Kuan-Chih, Vice President of Weconex Group, shared the solution with the theme featuring “Journey without Limits, Travel with Ease”. To meet the user needs for a personalized, diversified and profound travel experience, as well as a more convenient overseas payment and consumption, Weconex Group launches the “DeerTrip” app, providing comprehensive one-stop public transport services for inter-provincial and cross-border independent travelers.


With the integration of public transportation services at its core, “DeerTrip” allows users to enjoy food, accommodation, transportation, shopping and entertainment services at their fingertips. It resolves bottlenecks in cross-border transit passage, such as difficulties in service integration, complicated cross-border ticket booking and payment processes, deficiency in travel services and delayed after-sales responses.


“DeerTrip” makes cross-border travel easier and worry-free


1. Unified service interface – “DeerTrip” integrates various travel services, offers tailored information on food, accommodation, travel, shopping, and entertainment services, making the cross-border travel time-saving and easy.


2. Convenient payments – A single account supports multiple payment options and currencies, eliminating the inconvenience in currency exchange and enabling faster cross-border transactions.


3. Comprehensive travel services – destination travel guides, shopping tips and personalized tour and itinerary services – make every journey unique and smooth.


4. One-stop customer services – cross-border travel consultations, rescue services and multilingual user interface – quickly solve all the problems during the journey.


“DeerTrip” cross-border travel solution integrates nationwide transportation systems, provides personalized travel services, and aims to establish a consolidated ecosystem of global transportation services, resonating its core value of offering worry-free user travel experience.


Tseng Kuan-Chih said that currently many companies such as Guangdong Lingnan Pass, Hong Kong OCTOPUS, Taipei EasyCard, Korea T-money, Singapore Ezlink and Thailand Rabbit card, are actively involved in the discussion of future cooperation. Joining with global leading service providers, financial institutions, and other strategic partners, “DeerTrip” app will meet the user’s various demands for transportation, entertainment, retail, catering, shopping, accommodation, and ticketing during their cross-border travel.


Accelerate global “Mobility as a Service”


As a leading transportation card system and the operating service provider in China, Weconex aims to have a wider cooperation plan with Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Indonesia. “By building an interconnected cross-border transportation network, we hope to provide the best user experience for worldwide travelers and accelerate win-win cooperation among regions and countries,” said Tseng Kuan-Chih, Vice President of Weconex Group.


Besides Northeast and Southeast Asia, European countries, such as Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, and Russia as well as major cities in the United States, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle, are also target markets.


DeerTrip app has been fully connected to Huawei mobile device since July. Huawei mobile users now can use the app throughout Guangdong Province. In the future, DeerTrip will be integrated with global leading smartphone vendors.


Furthermore, jointly organized by DeerTrip, Lingnan Pass and Huawei wallet, a series of exciting promotions – free card activation, attractive binding offers, and prize draws for annually free rides – will be launched by the end of August. Users will be able to enjoy more service offerings in upcoming quarters.


About Weconex Group


Weconex Group is a high-tech internet company headquartered in Guangzhou with branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Xi ‘an, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Wuhan, Taipei, Hong Kong and so on. It is a leading transportation system solution provider in China, committed to accelerating the interconnection and internet-enabled transportation services in China. Grounded with its core value of green travel and public transport priority, the company provides efficient and fast access and low-cost integrated solution.


Currently, Weconex Group has covered 4 main provinces – Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanxi, and Henan and 50 cities in China. Besides “DeerTrip”, Weconex also has comprehensive products and solutions for public transportation industry, including Public transportation cards operating system, E-ticketing solution, AI customer service system, and diversity terminal POS and integrating payment system used in transport and finance payment.


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