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Reptile FX Introduces Video Invites for Wedding Celebrations

Reptile FXa leading India born video production studio specializing in explainer videos and ads for businesses using animation and live action, today announced its foray into the wedding card industry with its latest offering of animated wedding invites. Reptile FX’s animated wedding invites capture stories of soon-to-be-married couples in a captivating audio-visual format. Distinctly different from existing products in the market, Reptile FX’s animated wedding invites do not follow a set template and can be customized completely to suit the needs of today’s discerning consumers. Typically lasting about 60 seconds, these animated invites take around two weeks to be created with costs starting at Rs 35,000.

Targeted at millennials across Indian cities and at NRIs, these customizable animated wedding invites are a great medium for couples to tell their story and request the presence of their guests in a truly engaging manner. Reptile FX’s animated wedding invites are bridging two major gaps areas in the wedding invitation industry. Wedding invites are the first points of contact with guests but remain largely non-engaging and possibly the least remembered. Reptile FX allows couples to make wedding invites a lot more personal, captivating and inviting by giving guests a peek into a couple’s journey through animated videos in a short yet engaging format. This new offering is also aimed at making wedding invites more private and warm for friends and families based all around the world by making them feel a part of the wedding celebrations from the start. In addition to this, Reptile FX enables couples and families to be involved at every stage of creative development in order to ensure a video of the highest quality and one that matches their expectations.

In most scenarios, animated wedding invites are offered typically as standard templates with only minimal possible changes. Reptile FX’s animated wedding invites capture the entire journey of a couple from the start of their relationship to the wedding in a truly personalized manner while staying focused on the granular details. Reptile FX’s animated wedding invites bring to life a love story through creative storytelling and narrative, incorporating romantic milestones in a manner that is remembered by guests as much as the wedding celebrations.

“A wedding deserves nothing less than a spectacular announcement. With more and more couples seeking to express their love stories in unique ways, an animated wedding invite from Reptile FX can go a long way in making their special day an even more meaningful and memorable affair. Whether a couple first met in Venice, flew to Spain or proposed in front of the Eiffel Tower, we showcase it all in the video, strive to recreate the events and present the moments in a way that feels personal for the couple and the guests. The possibilities are endless. Moreover, characters are modelled like the bride and the groom to ensure that the guests receive a truly personalized feel when the invites reach them,” says Prashant Pinge, Co-founder & Strategy Director, Reptile FX.

“Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to share an animated invite on social media. We did a soft launch about a month ago, and the response has been tremendous. We’ve already successfully delivered five animated invites so far,” said Prashant.

Reptile FX has taken its animated video offering beyond just the wedding invite to include a suite of other offerings such Save the Date, Sangeet, Mehendi, Reception, Youngsters invite etc. The company uses a finely tuned production process to make these animated invites, ensuring timely deliveries and affordable pricing.

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About Reptile FX

Reptile FX is a leading India born studio that offers corporate video production services in animation and live action to companies ranging from start-ups and SMEs to large corporations and Fortune 500 companies across the globe. It serves a wide array of industries and has prominent clients such as Bayer CropScience (pharmaceuticals), MagicBricks (real estate), Kent RO Systems (healthcare), (online retail), LoyltyRewardz (CRM solutions), JigServ Digital (digital marketing), and CARILEC (energy). Mumbai based Reptile FX creates premium and high quality content designed to meet specific communication objectives of its partnering companies.