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Reasons Why You Should Get KIcked Out Of New York City

New York is undeniably one of the world’s greatest cities, with all of its museums, parks, playgrounds, restaurants, nightclubs, and so on and so on. It’s also one of the world’s most crowded urban areas. Even though the reasons why New Yorkers adore their city are not obscure, the present pandemic has led many people to reassess their lifestyles. After spending so much time in their little apartments during the COVID-19 pandemic, many New Yorkers have decided it’s for the best to find a new home somewhere else. In this piece, we will discuss some of the possible causes for the recent uptick in the number of New Yorkers wishing to move away from the city in pursuit of their next rental.

Many long-time New Yorkers are ready to pack up and leave, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be fresh faces in the city in the years to come. There is no doubt that the city’s energy will be maintained. But if you’re seriously contemplating ditching the Big Apple for greener pastures, I’ve produced a list of the top 10 reasons why you should move away from New York.

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Weather patterns

Even while you’ll get to experience all four seasons in New York, there is a major drawback to living there. The next severe winter will not be fun if you are one of the many who do not like the cold. The winters in New York are notoriously harsh and difficult to survive since the state ranks sixth in the United States for snowfall.

In the current economic climate, starting a family can be difficult

New York City is a very difficult place to raise a family. Although it is possible to raise a family here, it is far more difficult than it would be in a community better suited to raising children. It can be difficult to get your child to and from school using public transportation in New York City, and it’s probably safe to assume that there won’t be a swing set in the backyard if you decide to make the city your permanent home. Hence, we won’t blame you for hiring a reliable NYC to Boston mover to get you out of town to a better place. Mind you, New York City is not exactly the safest place in the country to have a family, so keep that in mind when making your plans.

Poor housing affordability

According to research conducted by, the average NYC home will cost $710,000 that year, with a median price per square foot of $786. But in places like Manhattan, where the average home costs a million dollars, this is obviously not the case.

The cost of living

The expense of living in New York City is notoriously exorbitant, so we all expected this to happen at some point in the movie. However, the data takes on new meaning when you include the high cost of living in New York City. The vast majority of people do not believe it is worthwhile to spend such a large sum on it. Let’s look at some numbers from to help paint a clearer picture: While the national average cost of living is 100, New York City residents can expect to pay 187.2.


New Yorkers will have to provide a great deal of information when questioned about their taxes, and it’s quite improbable that they will be able to do so without uttering at least a few choice profanities. New York City’s expensive tax rate, the seventh highest in the United States, is a major factor in the city’s exodus of citizens. The shortage of cheap housing has also contributed significantly to the migration.

Huge crowds of people

The congestion is reason number six on the list of things to think about if you’re considering leaving New York City. Considering the size of a city, the number of residents, and the number of tourists, it will be next to impossible to find a quiet location to be by yourself. You’ve probably already considered leaving New York City for good if you’re the type that gets anxious in crowded settings. Due to time constraints, I will not go into detail about popular tourist spots like Times Square in this video.

Rapid Transit System

The other reason to leave New York City is that you will have to deal with the city’s public transit system. Because most people in New York City do not own cars, commuting across boroughs when you live in one but have to go there for work or other reasons might be difficult if you rely on public transportation.

Prospects for Gainful Employment

I’ve compiled a list of ten reasons why you should leave New York City, and the lack of employment opportunities is ninth on the list. I want to make it clear that this isn’t a discussion about the number of open positions before you start composing your comment. Numerous job opportunities can be found in New York right now. In this context, I am talking about the accessibility of high-paying career options. If you want to establish a business, look for a job, or begin a career that pays well, you’ll need a lot of patience, an attractive resume, and solid contacts.

A slower tempo of living

The final reason to leave New York City is the pursuit of a more leisurely pace and greater comfort. Trying to figure out how you’re going to pay that incredibly expensive rent isn’t exactly the time to stop and smell the roses if you’re under a lot of pressure and the stakes are high. If you have always wanted a garden, a backyard, flat shoes, and a slower pace of life, it may be time to look for a new home outside of New York City.