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Getting the Best of Nationwide Furniture Movers and Shippers

Moving can be very stressful. There is the packing, the sorting, the carrying and arranging in the van, the actual moving and then the offloading and arrangement in the new location. Many people dread this entire process because of the stress involved.

If you’ve ever moved, you will agree that aside from the stress, a lot can happen during this time. There can be injuries, damages to items and some items you may never find again because you don’t remember where exactly you kept them. This is especially true for families who have managed to acquire quite some stuff over the years.

Among all the items that need to be moved, the furniture appear to be the greatest source of concern. Depending on the type of furniture, then can either be heavy or bulky or both. Aside from these, they can also be delicate, requiring careful handling. This just adds to the whole stress.

Thankfully, furniture movers help ease this stress by handling a lot of the difficult aspects of the process.

Furniture Movers and Shippers Explained

There are two important words – movers and shippers – that can help us understand the services we can enjoy from companies such as these. We generally call companies that help us move “moving companies”. However, depending on what you need done, a moving company can help you handle one aspect or all aspects of the movement as described here.

A shipping company on the other hand will help you move the items from the current location to the new location. However, most companies offer the two services hence the tendency to lump the two services into one full service. Once you understand this, you can then understand that it is possible to have just one of the two services. We will look at this in more detail in the next section.

Understanding what Furniture Movers and Shippers Can Do for You

In the section above, we explained the possibility of having just one aspect of the services that these companies can offer. To make this clearer, we will break down some services we can enjoy from moving companies.

  1. The process of moving begins with properly packing and wrapping your stuff. This is necessary for easy arrangement in the moving van or truck not to mention safe storage, so you can meet them in good condition on the other side. This is one of the services that a moving company will offer you.
  2. Once your furniture has been properly packed and wrapped, they will be moved into the truck and then taken to the new location. This is the part that some may call haulage, shipping or freight. Some companies will offer you just this part of the moving process which means you will handle everything up to the point of transporting them to the new location. Depending on the distance you are moving to, you can actually get a local moving company to help you handle this initial part, so the shipping company can do the rest. You may want to read more about the different services here:
  3. A lot of moving companies can also help you with the storage of some of your furniture. Maybe, you are moving to a smaller house or maybe you just need to store some things for a while. You can get this service from most moving companies, which is an added convenience for those who need it.
  4. What many people do not know is that moving companies may also help with in-home moving of furniture and other items. If you have some heavy furniture, you need to move to a different part of your home, you can actually call on them to help you with this. This does not involve any shipping. The workers just come and help you rearrange your heavy furniture to your specification.
  5. There are some items that require special handling. These may be especially heavy furniture, antiques or any other special item from your home or office. Moving companies (at least the top-quality ones) will have the expertise to properly handle them so no damage comes to them.
  6. Your move can be local or national. Some moving companies specialize in local moves while some handle both local and national moves. It is best to go with a company that specializes in the kind of move you are making. If it’s a local move, look for a local company and if it is a national move, look for a company that offers national moving services.

Choosing the Ideal Furniture Mover and Shipper

When choosing furniture movers and shippers, there are a few things you need to consider. You can visit sites like where you can gain access to a network of furniture movers and shippers, you can also search for the right company by yourself. This is very important to ensure that your move is totally stress-free.

Just note the following while choosing:

  1. Whenever possible, choose a company that is local to you. This reduces the chances of you being defrauded.
  2. Ensure the company has proper licensing and approvals. These should include its DOT number and its carrier number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  3. Don’t just get information from one company. Get quotes from several companies. These will give you an idea of what the average charge is. If you see a quote that is significantly lower than others, do not jump on it because that may just be a red flag warning you of something not being right there.
  4. Find out what previous clients are saying about them. You can check for their rating on BBB (Better Business Bureau) or any previous complaints on the website of the Department of Transportation.
  5. Have you been asked to make full payments or a huge deposit upfront? Be wary of this.

It has been noted that some companies are fraudulent in their transactions. If you come across any such company, do not fail to report them on this site. If you carefully go through the process described above, you will be sure to have a smooth and stress-free move.