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Plan Your Investment This Guru Purnima With Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

Guru Purnima, the festival honoring the sacred bond between teachers and students, is celebrated today with enthusiasm and fervor across the entire country. There could be no better occasion than this holy day for everyone to start nurturing their hard-earned money and see it grow and prosper.
With the economy slowly recovering to its normal state and future prospects looking good, after the big policy decisions of demonetization and implementation of goods and services tax, time is ripe for investors to jump back into the market and find out the best investment option to park their money.
At present the best investment options that one can avail in India are as follows: –

  • Fixed Deposits: – The most favored investment option for all investors, big or small. India’s love affair with FD is going strong. Not only do they offer consistent returns but are free from all market risks.
  • Equity: – Investment in the share market offers good returns over a long period which might be much higher than other investment options. But it requires one to have good knowledge about the market and also the capacity to bear losses.
  • Mutual Funds: – Mutual funds are generally a safer option than equity market and have offered consistent returns in the past but are susceptible to market fluctuations.
  • Gold: – One of the favorite investment options for Indians and offers stable returns over the years but it is also exposed to global market risks, and returns are not too high.
  • Cryptocurrencies: – Cryptocurrencies are based on the blockchain technology which is fast becoming popular all over the world. But in India there is a restriction placed by Government on cryptocurrency and value of major cryptocurrencies has tumbled consistently over the last year.

Out of all the options mentioned above, Fixed Deposits are the only investment option that has offered consistent returns over the years and is free from all market risks. If one has not yet started investing in fixed deposits, then the occasion of Guru Purnima is the most opportune time to start investing now, as interest rates offered by financial institutions have begun to rise again.
Why Bajaj Finserv Fixed Deposits
One of the most popular fixed deposit offerings in the market comes from India’s leading financial institution, Bajaj Finserv. Bajaj Finserv, through its lending arm Bajaj Finance Ltd., offers its customers the opportunity to invest in high interest bearing fixed deposits which offer returns of up to 8.75% p.a. Bajaj Finserv fixed deposits are rated high on safety and stability with ICRA’s MAAA (stable) rating and CRISIL’s FAAA/Stable rating, assuring timely payments of interest and principal. Some of the most attractive features of Bajaj Finserv Fixed Deposits are:-

  • High-Interest Income: – Bajaj Finance fixed deposits offer one of the highest interest rates in the market starting @8.40% and can go up to 8.75%. There are additional benefits for existing customers.
  • Easy Liquidity: – Customers can break their Bajaj Finance fixed deposit conveniently using the online portal and get the money in their account within a few hours.
  • Flexibility: – Bajaj Finserv allows its customers to start investing in a fixed deposit from Rs. 25,000/- onwards with tenor ranging from 12 months to 60 months.
  • Loan against fixed deposits: – In the case of financial emergency, customers need not break their fixed deposits. They can avail Loan against fixed deposit from Bajaj Finserv at nominal interest rates.
  • Online account management: – Bajaj Finserv offers its customers complete control over their fixed deposits through the Experia portal.

Fixed deposits from Bajaj Finance offer its customers an excellent option to secure their investment from market risks and earn a stable income.
Still Confused about whether you should invest in Bajaj Finance FD or not? Check Bajaj Finserv Customer Portal to read unbiased reviews or directly call Bajaj Finserv Customer Care to clear all your doubts.