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Online Giving Is the New Fundraising Trend

All we hear about on social media nowadays are bad news. You hear about robberies, bullying, killings, and harassment all the time. It really makes you think “What has this world become?” Where has all the love go? Why don’t people see eye to eye anymore? Why is everyone so angry all the time?

I mean, have you visited a comment section lately? No matter how talented, pretty, smart, or interesting the person is on a video content, some people just can’t seem to keep their negative mouths shut. They always have something to say – even if it’s neither the time nor the place to say it. What are they even planning to gain out of this? Instead of lifting each other up, people are constantly beating each other down. Check out this article about social media negativity:

“Be kind. Someone may be fighting a battle you don’t know about.”

I’ve come across these lines recently and they really resonate with my thoughts. We have to understand that actions are products of motivations. They are often triggered by underlying drives and fears. This is why we should be careful. We have to remember that everyone is going through their own trials in life. They may look happy, outgoing, carefree, and gullible on the outside but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own personal baggage. For all you know, they have been carrying something far heavier than your own. The smile they put on their face, the happy façade they show people may be nothing but a disguise to get people off their business. Robert Williams seemed like a happy guy; he was a comedian for Pete’s sake! But what caused his early retirement from life? It was depression (read more). Kate Spade founded one of the biggest fashion brands in the planet. Surely, she was wealthy enough to afford herself a good life right? But what happened to her? She went ahead of her time too. People who aren’t openly showing their frustrations are the people we should carefully watch. More often than not, they carry a burden way heavier than ours.

Opening up is a good thing. If someone posts a video about how sad they are about their current state, don’t gang up on them. Don’t say “Come on. Don’t be so melodramatic” or “Is that even a problem? That’s a kid’s issue!” We all cope differently in life and what seems like an easy problem to you may be a devastating puzzle to others. Always remember one word: Respect. If they want to do crazy, talk crazy, be crazy – let them. Don’t be so critical about it. For all you know, it’s their own way of saying that they’re tired and hurt and they need someone to notice.

You know what we should do more instead of bashing people in the internet?


If you’ve got the time in the world to be posting comments that are uncalled for, then you also have all the time in the world to help. Don’t be so negative about life and people. Instead of becoming another obstacle for them, become a power up! This world already has enough negativity as it stands. What we need are more positives! And hopefully, you’ll be on our side.

So, in what way can you help?

Since it’s the digital age, we have to think of a timely approach to help as well. Luckily, I know just the thing: Online Giving. A fundraising campaign you can host in cyberspace. It’s pretty convenient, if I must say! It has a number of eye-catchy benefits too. In fact, many non-profit organizations have started to venture into online giving and they have been raking in notable results! Here are just a few of these perks:

1. Reach a More Diverse Group Of People

Through online giving, you can invite people from all walks of life to participate in your cause. This means that your scope becomes wider and there are more opportunities for your fundraising campaign to reach the right people. You’re not the only one supporting your advocacy. For all you know, there’s a billionaire out there who supports the exact same cause and would be more than willing to lend a helping hand. It’s a great way to collect the funding you need to support the charity of your choice.

2. Minimize Costs

If the fundraising activity is going to be done online, you can limit the campaign’s expenses. You won’t have to print flyers, tarpaulins, or prepare products to sell as in the case of bake and rummage sales, you just need good, convincing content to entice people to join you in your advocacy. You may also prepare something in exchange but it would be virtual like a photograph or an e-postcard. And that costs way less than hard print. You will need less volunteers too so it would cut down operational expenses like food and such.

3. Get People Involved

If you’re hosting an online giving fundraising activity, you can easily update people about the progress of your program by simply posting pictures and videos of the said event. If you’re supposed to do a feeding program for example, then you can show them where all the money goes by sending them event photos. If you’re planning a training program for PWD entrepreneurs, then you can record the whole event and send video clips to all the sponsors. As someone who donates to such causes, I feel reassured and happy to know that my donations really go to meaningful causes and I think your donors will appreciate the update too.