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On UN Day Dr Jawahar Surisetti Launches ‘Happea’, the Happiness and Peace Portal

  • The idea came seeing India ranking low on the Global Happiness Index

Eminent psychologist Dr Jawahar Surisetti launches ‘Happea’ on the eve of UN Day in India. The idea behind the website is to evolve into a final destination for spreading love happiness and peace in the world.

Happea, the name comes by joining the first three letters of Happiness and Peace. Dr Jawahar says, “The longevity of contented life of individuals, societies and the world at large depends on the existence of happiness, love and peace and that is the reason he has taken on himself the onus of spreading love and reducing hatred.”
The idea of starting the Happea Movement came after he saw the low ranking of India in the Global Happiness Index. He finds that there is a mismatch with India being the spiritual capital of the world but not being happy. So he started the Happea movement and invites the youth to participate and make the future world that they will inherit a Happy place.
The portal is built on the premise that different age groups have different definitions and reasons for happiness. So a child could be happy by playing, whereas a teenager may be happy spending time with his peers, a young adult could be happy earning more or achieving more in life while the further adult group could be happy in children being settled. Thus Happea wishes to propagate and create resources that spread happiness for all age groups. The portal, therefore, caters to four segments, viz., kids, teens, young adults, and further adults and the resources are based on these age groups.
There is news of happiness, love, and peace of the world, videos of meaningful topics entertainment, and music of different genres and articles on various subjects. There would also be a daily dose of Jawahargraph – Smile a Day which would make people smile in the early morning. The idea is that if you smile in the morning it carries on through the day.
Inspired to create a New India which will lead the world in making it a happy place, Dr Jawahar Surisetti through the Happea movement will create events that will foster religious and national integration of societies and create peace and love through the elimination of hate and also by creating happy moments.

About Happea

Happea Is a movement by internationally acclaimed psychologist and happiness expert Dr Jawahar Surisetti, the sole purpose being to make the world a happier place by spreading love, happiness and peace in one side and reducing strife and hatred on the other.