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New Start-up, Neeman’s, Pioneers in Using Natural and Renewable Materials, Introduces India’s First Merino Wool Shoes

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Conceptualized in America, new eco-conscious company, Neeman’s, is launching Merino wool shoes in India. The collection comprises of a lightweight running and training shoe, a classical sneaker design presented in a simplistic and modern form and my all-time favourite loafers in a super lightweight form.
“Traditionally, people have always associated Wool to be a product of winters because it’s bulky, heavy and itchy on the skin. Neeman’s is breaking this myth and using a wool form, which is superfine and lightweight. All the products are made from the finest of Merino wool fibres, sourced from the sheep pastures of Australia. The shoes are so comfortable that they can be worn all day long. They are so soft on the skin that they can be worn without socks,” said Taran Chhabra.
“We have partnered with one of the best Wool fabric mills and crafted a design in which our Merino wool goes through a proprietary process to create a fabric which is durable, has great next to skin comfort and holds the test for our range of shoes. Our shoes capture the essence of our manufacturing process – pasture-to-foot,” said Taran Chhabra, Founder and CEO of Neeman’s.
Certified by Woolmark, the global authority of Australian wool, Neeman’s shoes are made from natural and renewable Merino wool. Ultrafine fibres of this revolutionary natural material are soft on the skin, breathable and odour resistant. These uniquely crafted shoes are designed to be super lightweight to ensure they fit every movement of the foot.
Created to do things differently, Neeman’s has moved away from synthetic materials and has turned to mother nature by bringing Merino Wool to Asia. The company’s goal is to reinvent designs using a more classic and simplistic approach. It is launching these shoes after years of collaboration with designers from the UK and the USA.
“We are here to redefine the shoe industry. Using natural, superior quality and environment-friendly products is our mission. Creating extremely comfortable and durable shoes that can be worn year-round with the same comfort has been the key motivating factor in starting Neeman’s,” said Chhabra.
Neeman’s Merino wool shoes will be available In India soon. As part of its “Try It to Feel It” mission, the company is offering a 15-day free return policy. To know more about the launch and product details, subscribe to their mailing list here.

About Taran Chhabra
Taran Chhabra is a Business Analytics Leader based in New Jersey, USA. He has helped several major companies in America pivot their current operational strategy and move towards the path of growth. Taran has also helped these giants look at various key points within their data to make better business decisions.
About Neeman’s

Neeman’s is pioneering in the usage of natural and renewable materials with focus on saving the environment and superior quality. They are bringing the world’s most revolutionary and natural fibre – Merino Wool in the form of shoes. Neeman’s has started with shoes and plans to create a pool of products with this revolutionary fibre in the coming months.