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Morphisec Enters Indian Market with New Customer Essar

Morphisec announced that it has been selected as the advanced threat prevention provider of choice by Essar, an India-based conglomerate in the Metals & Mining, Energy and Infrastructure industries. Morphisec’s Endpoint Threat Prevention solution, based on its groundbreaking Moving Target Defense technology, has been selected to be deployed globally, as part of its anti-APT initiative.


Essar’s project was initiated to secure the organization from advanced attacks that use social engineering, phishing and vulnerability exploits via web, email, networks and endpoint channels to bypass antivirus and other security controls. The selection of Morphisec is the result of continued initiative, led by Keyur Desai, CIO Essar Ports & Shipping and Essar Head of InfoSecurity, Network & Communications, to build the most effective yet manageable security stack. In addition to perimeter defenses, NAC and Access Management and standard antivirus, Essar added Morphisec as a critical memory layer in its defense in depth strategy. Essar is well-known within the Indian market for integrating technology firmly in its business strategy, as well as for being early adopters of innovative technologies. As a conglomerate spanning multiple industries worldwide, each of the group’s subsidiaries has unique cybersecurity needs.


“We compared a number of threat solutions,” said Desai. “Morphisec stood out for its small footprint, simple management and ability to prevent attacks without prior knowledge of them. Its Moving Target Defense technology is unique and is crucial to effectively stopping advanced attacks. In our continued initiative to protect critical business data, which includes working with other security solution OEMs as well, Morphisec allows us to fulfill our mandate to enable the ongoing operations of our varied businesses.”


The Group CIO for Essar, Jayantha Prabhu added “Essar has always been the frontrunner when it comes to adopting the latest technologies to enhance business outcome. When it comes to data security, our mission has always been to protect business critical data in this era of advanced threats. The Morphisec solution is very promising and we look forward to working closely with Morphisec Management in this mission to protect critical information.”


Morphisec prevents advanced threats and stops attacks before they can ever execute by morphing the operating system memory space, so attackers cannot locate the necessary resources to exploit. Morphisec does not rely on detection, hunting or prediction, all of which require prior knowledge of an attack in order to identify it as malicious.


Omri Dotan, Chief Business Officer of Morphisec, says, “Forward looking organizations like Essar recognize the increasing danger posed by fileless and other advanced threats and the need for a dedicated prevention layer that seamlessly integrates with the existing security stack. Morphisec’s prevention efficacy, ease of deployment and use and cost effectiveness make it the perfect fit for many India-based companies such as Essar Group, where EDR solutions are too costly, resource intensive and often simply not effective enough. This new customer win marks Morphisec’s official entry into the Indian market and further demonstrates our position as a leader setting new standard for advanced threat prevention.”


About Essar
Essar Global Fund operates a number of world-class assets diversified across the core sectors of Energy, Metals & Mining, Infrastructure and Services. The aggregated revenues of the Fund’s portfolio companies total US$15 billion. Fund’s portfolio companies employ over 7,500 people across four continents.


About Morphisec
Morphisec offers an entirely new level of innovation to customers in its Endpoint Threat Prevention platform, delivering protection against the most advanced cyberattacks. The company’s patented Moving Target Defense technology prevents threats others can’t, including APTs, zero-days, ransomware, evasive fileless attacks and web-borne exploits. Morphisec provides a crucial, small-footprint memory-defense layer that easily deploys into a company’s existing security infrastructure to form a simple, highly effective, cost-efficient prevention stack that is truly disruptive to today’s existing cybersecurity model.


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