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KDP Presents the Top Reads of 2021


Bangalore, Karnataka, India:
 India has been home to a plethora of literary geniuses. Be it in Hindi, English or regional languages, India has have witnessed extraordinary artists who have shaped many generations to come, and the past two years have given rise to many new-age budding writers to put their work out there and gain readership. Many authors have chosen to self-publish their work to gain greater control and earn higher royalties through KDP, a self-publishing service. KDP takes you through the top self-published books of 2021 across Hindi, English and Tamil languages on Kindle Direct Publishing.

Top 3 best-selling self-published eBooks

English – THE TIGER GETS NEW TEETH written by Amit Bagaria, She Erased Her written by Himanshu Rai and How To Make Money With Breakout Trading written by Indrazith Shantharaj
Hindi – ऑप्शन ट्रेडिंग से पैसों का पेड़ कैसे लगायें? Written by Mahesh Chander, Lifemitra आपकी Life बदल देगा: “आपकी life के हर सवाल का जवाब मेरे पास हैं” life mitra written by Mohammad Juned Tak, एस.आई.पी. के चमत्कार से आर्थिक आजादी कैसे पायें ?: Miracle of SIP written by Mahesh Chander
Tamil – சாதாரண பங்கு அசாதாரண லாபம் written by Anand Srinivasan, வாசிப்பது எப்படி? Written by Selventhiran, செல்வேந்திரன் and ஓப்பன் பண்ணா written by Araathu

Top 3 most read self-published eBooks

Speed Reading: How to Double (or Triple) Your Reading Speed in Just 1 Hour! Written by Justin Hammond, THINK STRAIGHT: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life written by Darius Foroux and Do It Today: Overcome Procrastination, Improve Productivity, and Achieve More Meaningful Things written by Darius Foroux

Top 3 most read self-published authors

English – M.V. Kasi, Manoj Chenthamarakshan, Indrazith Shantharaj
Hindi – Surendra Mohan Pathak, Santosh Pathak, Dr Sudhir Dixit
Tamil – Aadvika pommu), ஆத்விகா பொம்மு, சந்திரன், சுஜா, ராஜராஜன், வானதி

About KDPKindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a fast, easy and free way for authors to publish their books across the world on Kindle. Authors who use KDP can earn royalties of up to 70%, retain their rights, get to market fast, keep control of how their work is published, distribute globally and in multiple languages, and do it all for free.

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