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Kantar Announces the Launch of #PlanetY, a Comprehensive Study on Youth Providing Actionable Insights to Engage With Centennials & Gen Z

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:

  • First of its kind consumer segmentation and communication planning tool that will help marketers to design focused communication plans while reaching out to the Youth
  • Marketers can seamlessly understand the lifestyle, attitudes and the digital life of today’s Youth which will help in engaging with this segment of consumers in their own language

Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company has recently launched #PlanetY, a study providing an exhaustive understanding of the attitudes, values and behaviour of today’s youth. The study uncovers rich insights of two generations – Centennials and Millennials; based on detailed interviews with over 7500 upmarket youngsters (15-29-year olds) across metros and mini metros. 

#PlanetY touches upon various aspects of their personality ranging from their attitudes & behavior, digital aptitude, shopping habits, leisure & lifestyle, entertainment options, food habits & media consumption patterns. The study provides rich and actionable insights to marketers to understand their consumers better as well as to devise marketing strategies for this lucrative consumer segment.

The study explores their opinions, values and mindsets across over 200 topics which helps to understand their psyche. To the marketers, these would provide triggers to develop and custom craft communication plans for their brands.

Another key area that has been explored is the youngsters’ financial literacy and orientation to towards money and wealth creation through an in-depth scanning of their investment patterns across various financial instruments, usage of online wallets, saving vs. spending acumen, etc.

#PlanetY also delves deep into consumer behaviour spanning over 50 categories including categories like automobiles including urban mobility solutions.

A large segment of the study is dedicated to understanding the digital life of these consumers. It also tries to decode the role of digital influencers as well as conducts a deep dive into consumption of online entertainment options such as OTT, music, gaming, etc.

Talking about the study, Hemant Mehta, MD, Insights Division, South Asia, Kantar, said, “Centennials and GenZ are increasingly becoming key consumer segments for the marketers. Selling to the youth is a challenge faced by every brand today. With youth leading their lives online and through their smart phones, it is imperative that marketers understand the various touch points in their target consumers’ lives as well as decode the distinct roles that different digital properties play. This led us to design a comprehensive study like #PlanetY which tries to decode this consumer segment in a never before seen level of granularity. We are confident that this will help marketers understand their young consumers better and connect with them innovatively.”