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Jai Ganesha Song Release by Skylas at Hyderabad, India

  • LaunchLaunch of Jai Ganesha Song


This Telugu music video titled ‘2018 Jai Ganesha song’ sets the festive mood this Ganesh Chaturthi and is the perfect replacement to the time-worn melodies dedicated to the Lord of Beginnings.
This music video will make you relive the same Ganapati celebrations you are so used to seeing on the streets and in the corners of Hyderabad. Bursting with devotion, vibrancy and that so familiar festive feeling.

The (magical) team behind this song (Krishna for his melodious Music, Nagendra for his engrossing voice, Srikar for his apt editing and ‘voice of your page’ for their concept development and support) received hearty appreciation from none other than Dr Hare Krishna Chandrasekaran (Winner of seven World records). Special thanks to Dr Hare Krishna Chandrasekaran for honoring all the main guests and dignitaries. 
Yoyo Nagendra is extremely grateful to ‘voice of your page’ and Arvind Babu Yadav Ragam for assisting him and many other extremely talented newcomers by providing a global platform to showcase their talent and be heard around the World. ‘Voice of your page’ is committed to promoting talented newcomers and providing them with a global platform to express themselves.
Go online and play this voice of your page ‘Jai Ganesha Song’ in Telugu set released on 16th September 2018 sung by Yoyo Nagendra.

Event Hosted by Bhargava 
Main guest attendees: Sanjeeva Yadav Pasham, Kiran Kumar Peechara, Bhaskar, Sumith Ranjan, Balakrishna, Ch Srikanth, Sudhakar, Bharath
Location: Trident Towers 
Song release date: 16th Sept 2018
Coordinated by Ram
Produced by: Rajesh Ragam 
Links to the song:
Link for Video Song Launch:
Media support: Maa Gulf 
Association support: Emirates Telangana Cultural Association 
Marketing support: Laugh and Learn