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Jagran New Media Resumes Collaboration with VDO.AI

New Delhi, Delhi, India:
 Media giant Jagran New Media recommence its partnership with VDO.AI, one of the world’s leading next-gen video advertising platforms on the internet today.

The joint venture will equip the Media house with VDO.AI’s innovative publisher tools and leverage their technologies to boost revenue opportunities. VDO.AI’s state-of-the-art solutions will offer Jagran to mate editorial curation with personalization to augment audience growth and engagement potential to the maximum.

This partnership fosters the inherited brand sentiment coupled with its unprecedented reach through its sister ventures- Jagran Josh, Onlymyhealth, MiD Day, HarZindagi for marketers to promote the content of high value engrossed in a brand-safe manner in front of a dedicated target audience.

On the occasion Arjit Sachdeva, Co-Founder VDO.AI said, “We are thrilled to partner with Jagran New Media. Our partnership will bring irrefutable benefit to their customers through a host of innovative content formats. The venture profoundly focuses on strategic development while uniting brands with their desired platforms and audience.”

“Apart from the monetary gain, this collaboration holds a lot of potential from a technology standpoint. We will not just augment Jagran’s market position but also aid them in delivering high-quality content that the audience demands,” said Amitt Sharma, CEO, VDO.AI. 

“We are equally excited about this partnership. VDO.AI has proved to be a great partner especially in terms of distribution of advertisements and monetisation solutions. Video is an effective form of content and as we all know, it is rapidly becoming one of the most dominant forms of content consumption. Looking at the trends, video content is growing and there is no denying the fact that people find videos easier to recall and more engaging​,” said Dinesh Joshi, AVP monetization & Strategic Partnership – Jagran New Media.

“As per our experience so far, VDO.AI has helped us to provide the unparalleled desired result,” Dinesh Joshi said.

VDO.AI continues to set benchmarks in the publisher market with similar deals through a suite of native video formats that empower web publishers to leverage the power of video advertisers.

VDO.AI is a video advertising platform that assists web publishers to access video content and advertising and ultimately increase their monetization up to 50%. The platform supports advertisers in composing targeted advertisements which helps them in gaining more value to their spendings. The platform was established by Amitt Sharma and Arjit Sachdeva under the endorsement of Z1 Media in the year 2017.