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Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your IT Support

Technology is core to the success of any business today. Because of this, there’s a need for Information Technology or IT support to manage how you use software and computers to ensure the smooth running of your business. This is further heightened due to the quick speed at which technology is with each passing day evolving, thereby changing how companies operate.

With IT being essential to your company’s operation, you might have decided to hire an in-house team of tech experts to provide you with the necessary support. But in this post, you’ll be taken through why it’s more beneficial to outsource your IT support services to a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

1. Reduced Downtime

One of the worst things that can affect how smoothly you can go about your business operations is downtime. The inability to undertake the company operations will lead to considerable losses to your business and can reach thousands of dollars with each passing hour. This is something you should avoid altogether by hiring a managed service provider like, who’ll be able to address the network issues faster than an in-house team of IT experts.

The hasty response to a downtime issue by an MSP is achieved as they proactively monitor your systems to monitor for possible infrastructure issues. They do this by closely examining your IT systems 24/7 to check for the slightest problem that might affect your company’s operations. In addition, they update your system periodically, either over the weekend or late in the evening, to confirm it’s working as expected.

By outsourcing your IT support, you don’t have to be excessively concerned about improperly timed computer updates, cyberattacks, and system failure due to old or faulty systems. Therefore, you and other persons within the company can focus on their primary duties with the limited working hours.

2. You Get IT Support 24/7

Customer satisfaction should always be a priority, and this doesn’t mean only during the regular working hours between 9 AM to 5 PM. To guarantee this is the case, hiring a managed service provider to handle all your IT duties is the right step to take. This is much more advantageous instead of hiring an in-house team of IT experts as they’d only work during the regular working hours. While you can mitigate this issue by hiring enough people to work in shifts, this only increases your operation costs, hence lowering your profit margins.

You can avoid such issues by simply outsourcing your IT support. This ensures you always get consistent service levels 24/7 and every day of the year. As a result, your clients’ overall quality of services is improved dramatically due to the quick response times.

3. Enhanced Security of the Company’s Data Systems

While you can always hire a team of in-house IT experts, it’s tough to guarantee quality services, especially when on a tight budget. This is because proficient and highly skilled will demand greater pay for their services. If this is the case, you’re left with no other alternative but to hire a team of IT experts that aren’t as experienced and only learn as they go about with their daily duties. However, doing this endangers your company’s sensitive data as this inexperienced team of professionals is more likely to make a mistake that might compromise entire business operations.

It would be best to altogether mitigate such an issue by seeking the services of a managed service provider. Such a company comprises a team of skilled professionals and engineers who boast the knowledge and experience that an in-house IT support team can’t match. Because technology is continually evolving, these experts are always up-to-date with the latest products and services to guarantee the smooth functioning and security of your company’s data systems.

4. Lower Labor Costs

As a business owner, your primary goal is to cut down costs as much as possible while maximizing profit without affecting service quality.  Outsourcing your IT support to a managed IT service provider allows you to achieve precisely this. This is because, by hiring a managed IT service provider, you no longer need to hire an in-house team of IT professionals. As a result, you get to change the company’s fixed cost to variable costs as you no longer have the recurrent expenses directing at paying salaries to the in-house team of tech employees.

Outsourcing your IT support also means you no longer need to spend a considerable sum of money training the in-house IT professionals on the latest advances in technology. This is even worse if you’re operating a small business and can’t afford additional expenses.

5. It’s Challenging to Recruit In-House IT Experts

Hiring a competent and skilled in-house team of IT experts can be a real challenge if you lack an IT technical background. This is because there are numerous factors you need to consider that only a skilled IT expert can know, such as;

  • Are the applicants skilled enough?
  • What’s the applicant’s background in the tech space?
  • Does the interviewee have adequate experience?

If you lack IT expertise, it may be hard to decipher all of this and might end up hiring someone who doesn’t have the needed set of skills. This is despite having wasted lots of time during the recruitment process, which is also expensive. In addition, firing an incompetent employee would then cost your business more. To avoid such situations, it’s best to simply outsource your tech needs to a managed IT service provider.

Focus On Your Core Business

Your company’s success is linked to how much focus it places on the areas that are generating the most revenue. If these core functions aren’t IT-related, outsourcing your IT support is the right way to go. Doing this saves you the time and effort you’d have instead directed to other core business activities. Consequently, this impacts your firm’s likelihood of reaching its set goals.

Hiring a managed services provider allows you to circumvent all these as they offer all the needed IT support. This way, you and your staff direct their attention to other areas that you’re better placed to tackle, thereby increasing the overall productivity.


With technology essential for the smooth operation of your business, the need for quality IT support is a must. By doing this, you’re always up-to-date with the latest technological innovations to ensure your business doesn’t lose to its competitors. Outsourcing your IT support ensures this doesn’t become an issue and keeping you on track even as the market’s dynamics keep evolving