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Look DS Launches Layouts 3.0 and Actions Within Its Cloud-Based Platform!

Layouts 3.0 is a new feature within the Look DS Cloud-Based Platform that allows users to create and manage their custom page layouts. This feature provides greater flexibility and control over the look and feel of your digital signage broadcasting and makes it easy to customize pages for specific purposes or devices.

Actions on the other side is a new feature in LOOK DS that allows you to automatically change data (like text, images and etc.) in your layout by the external triggers working through the API or integration with Zapier platform. In short, this feature gives an opportunity of integration with third-party services and databases, which at least can significantly simplify the daily content management process.

How to create an interactive project using the update 3.0 feature

Create a new layout

First, go to the layout section, create a new project, then split the screen into several zones minimizing the playlist area, add new layers containing the content items and different widgets, incl. tickers and weather. Prepare all the required graphics and upload them to use in your project. 

Creating new scenes

When creating a new scene, you will need to use the right menu under the canvas. You can create an entirely new empty set or use the one you already have. Different zones Proceed to use the main scene as the content whereby you can clickable widgets which will lead you to other scenes, the number of which is unlimited. 

Send your layout to the screen

This should be the final step, and you only need to go to the section of the screen and select the one to which you want to apply it by clicking the configure layout icon in the playlist menu. Once done, select the required layout and click the use layout button in the open side panel. 

Once you follow these steps, you can sit and enjoy the results of your work. The layout 3.0 feature makes work more comfortable, giving you some excellent designs. 

Creating an action with Google Sheets

The Actions new feature allows you to show, hide and change content by an external trigger. So, how does it work?

Create a new action

Take, for instance, the design for a board menu. When you want to create a new action, you should open the same name tab in the sidebar and click the new action button. After that, choose the modifier type and the text layer to be affected.

Enable the appropriate block if you want to change your text by external requests. Also, after setting up the action, ensure you save the layout and assign it to a separate screen.

Add a trigger to zap

Using the Zapier service, synchronize Google Sheets with the Look CMS. You’ll need to log in to your Google account, find your desired table from the Google sheets list, and set your trigger. 

Create an action in zap

Start by finding the Look service and select send action for the action events. Please note that if you want to sign into the Look service, you should use the API key and then copy and paste thereof. 

Proceed to find the desired layout from the available list and choose an action. Ensure everything is working and enable zap. You can then change the data in the Google sheet, and you should be done. 

The Layouts 3.0 and Actions features to change how you deal with your content. They are much more comfortable to use and offer a lot of functionality.