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5 Ways To Beat The Ad Blocker

You may be old enough to remember, or you may just have an excellent taste in music, but in 1986 The Eurythmics released the song ‘Thorn In My Side’; definitely a phrase publishers would use to describe ad blockers.

According to Forbes Magazine, between 2010 and 2014 the number of people using an ad blocker sky rocketed from 21 million to a pretty massive 144 million.

This is alarming news for advertisers and publishers alike, but never fear: there is more than one way around it. Read on for our top five ways to defeat the ad blocker.

1. Ad like the natives do

Native ad networks, such as Revcontent, Outbrain, Taboola and a whole host of others, provide article recommendations which can sneak around the ad blockers, however these ads can often appear quite spam-like and often contain headlines that could be considered ‘clickbait’. The rise of RTB in the native advertising space has finally given advertisers a way to get their content seen on publishers websites that they never would have before, with subtle yet eye catching adverts that conform to the layout of the page.

2. Paywall or premium subscription

By following the trend of many national and international newspapers such as The Sun or The New York Times, some content can still be offered for free, but extra and more premium content can be offered to those loyal subscribers who are willing to pay a little extra and get more of what they want.

3. App-vertising

Apps cannot be targeted by ad blockers, because they do not use a third party source. As everyone seems to be a mere palm’s width away from their mobile phone, this seems to be the obvious choice when you compare it to web content. Those 30 seconds between levels on Candy Crush could prove vital.

4. An ad rebate

The website claims that 15% to 30% of your ads are being blocked every day and that by signing up with no apparent risk, they can also increase your revenue by 15% to 30% too.

5. Be upfront

It may be a long shot, but honesty and seeking empathy from your audience is a solution. Lay it on to them that without the revenue ads bring in, you wouldn’t be able to produce the great content that they love to read. The Guardian do something similar to this, asking those with ad blockers to become members, paying to support their journalism.